Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Leftovers - frugal living

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was good, went to my mom's house. My oldest son (along with Ms. Sassy pants) and middle son were there as well. My baby's in TX :( BUT I will see him for Christmas! YAY

Today is moving day. If you missed it, I'm leaving my home of North Carolina and headed South. South Georgia, deep in peanut and peach country and let's not forget the Vidalia onion which I do dearly love.

My husband lost his job back in August and we have made lots of adjustments, however, we needed to make a decision. That decision came in the call from family. My husband's family, they need help running the business, my father-in-law is failing in health and we needed a job.

I am sad to leave my home state, two of my three boys, my mom, Ms. Sassy Pants and friends. However, with the wonderful technology of Facebook, Skype and the Internet, they will not be far away. So on to new adventures and who knows, maybe old family recipes to revamp. Only time will tell.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, do you have a ton of leftovers? Wondering what to do with them all? Well, you could eat turkey sandwiches, but you'll tire of that quickly. Here are a few things I do:

turkey sandwiches
Thanksgiving Day after plate (the meal all over again)
Turkey tetrazzini (this recipe calls for chicken but you can use your leftover turkey)
Turkey and rice
Turkey Pot Pie (instead of chicken)
Ham casserole
Turkey leftover dinner
Breakfast casserole (use the leftover ham instead of sausage)
FREEZE it.. yes you can freeze the turkey to pull out later and use
Any recipe you have that calls for rotisserie chicken, substitute the turkey. Great in casseroles!
hash-brown and ham casserole

Revamp those leftovers, take the turkey slices, dredge in flour and pan fry. You just need to heat it up, make gravy if you don't have any left and serve with mashed potatoes or rice. A different meal but delicious and the family won't think about it being leftovers.

Dice up leftover turkey and add to salads for a healthy meal. Also make turkey salad instead of chicken.

So many ways to use up those leftovers, new dishes, revamping old and being frugal by using what you have.

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