Thursday, November 21, 2013

Joey's Favorite Recipes - Happy 20th

Today is my baby boy's 20th birthday. I can not believe it has been twenty years. 

This is the hardest birthday, it is the first one without him. I love my boys and miss them all terribly. I am one of those moms who LOVED being a mom, being with my kids and seeing them grow. I thoroughly enjoyed all the stages. Until now...

An empty nest is no fun for someone who adores their kids and finds herself alone and miles away. Joey is in the Air Force and recently married. He lives in Texas. We are very proud of him but I miss him every single day.

When he was growing up, people would say, he'll never get married. He's a momma's boy and you'll be stuck with him forever. I was okay with that thought and really believed it. Then came Katie. I lost him or a big part of him, but am very happy for them. They are young, in love and very devoted to each other. They have a mature relationship like nothing I've seen in a couple so young.

So today, many miles away, I send my love, prayers and Happy Birthday wishes to my son!

So in his honor, I thought I'd share some of his favorites. Joey was the picky one, so his favorites are few. (Next month for Jesse's birthday, I'll have a hard time picking just a few. He, like his momma, is a foodie.)

Joey's Favorites:
Penne Bean
Chicken Noodles
Beef Stew
Snicker Doodle Muffins

Michigan Chicken
Bacon BBQ Chicken Sliders
Pasta E Fagoli Soup
Molasses Cookies

Cherries on a cloud
Philly Cheese Steak sloppy joes

Taco Salad

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