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Lemons and Lavender

*Disclaimer- I was contacted by the publisher in regards to reviewing the book. I received a copy free of charge but was not compensated in any other way. ALL opinions of the book are 100% my own and freely given. I was not required to write this review and do so on my own free will**

I know you're thinking, WHY is she telling us about a book? Well, because I think it is great and very helpful in more ways than one. 
1. it has recipes
2. it is about being frugal
3. it has a lovely cover
Well, just read on and you'll see why I'm sharing with you today.
Lemons and Lavender - the eco guide to better homekeeping, by: Billee Sharp

I LOVE this book! Seriously, I read a review on the book and had planned to purchase it, so when the publisher contacted me and offered to send me a copy I was THRILLED!

Once the book arrived, it did not disappoint. I love the idea of the book, the cover and the contents.
The cover is lovely and the information is frugal, practical and very useful. If you are 'green', learning about going green, a homesteader or just a mom looking for easy ideas, this book is for you.

*from the publisher*
In this day and age, economic awareness is greatly encouraged and can even be made into a fun do-it-yourself project for around the house. From growing organic vegetables to treating minor illnesses, author Billee Sharp covers how to live happily and eco-friendly. Focusing on everyday tasks that can save you time, money, and even the planet’s resources, Lemons and Lavender is not only handy but also practical and helpful for clean and healthy living. By consuming less, we can create more, and Sharp shows us just how to do that with segments that cover how to grow herbs, concoct household cleaners, make compost, and even what to do if you drop your cell phone in water. Sharp provides thoughtful, tried-and-true solutions that actually teach and inspire the reader to live simply and happily. 
Author Billee Sharp’s work for the Planet Green Channel has inspired the Discovery channel to create an eco-home show that is currently in development. Billee runs a popular series of workshops and retreats in Northern California. She has many fans and collectors or her artisan goods and organic house cleaning business called Lemons and Lavender.

In the book you will find:
taking control of your resources
household tips
gardening how to
homemade holiday ideas
living the good life
*forward from the book*
 Marriage, motherhood, multiple careers, wise forebears - a stone-cutter father, a kitchen-wiz mother, and  hardworking, victory-garden-growing grandparents  along with the serious study of sages from J.R.R. Tolkien to Stewart Brand have conferred several lifetimes' worth of wisdom upon Billee Sharp, who can make pinatas, cure cold sores and fix leaky faucets-without spending a dime. Socially aware, eco-conscious citizen that she is, Sharp pays it forward in Lemons and Lavender, a handbook packed with inspiration, ideas and handy how-tos for every room in the house. From crafting techniques to bath-salt formulas, it's so engagingly written that even the staunchest procrastinator or toolophobe will be coaxed to snatch up shovels, stencils, screwdrivers, and sangria recipes, transforming wardrobes and lifestyles in the process.
Whether you're a diehard DIYer or new o the fold, Billee Sharp is exactly who you want in your (handpainted, rag-rugged, borax-cleaned) corner. As she so eloquently reveals in Lemons and Lavender, she's not only the cheering-squad pal you wish you had; she's also your friendly neighborhood philosopher, career counselor, financial planner, political activist, party organizer, plumber art instructor, healer, herbalist, beautician, travel agent  decorator  gardener, psychologist, and chef. She describes herself as  "a committed daydreamer". But is self-reliance, independence, and the saving of oodles of cash is the result, then the president should appoint a daydreaming czar. I know whom I'd nominate.
Anneli Rusfus

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