Monday, October 28, 2013

Carnival Squash

We recently went to our state farmers market. WOW talk about incredible! Acres and acres of local grown produce, meats, cheese, wine, jams, jellies, flowers, plants, the list goes on. It was a great day.
I spoke with many of the farmers and enjoyed hearing about their family farms that have been there for generations. Changes they make to stay current and how many of them are self sustaining, green, eco friendly and organic.
I had an amazing time.
I made lots of purchases, and it was difficult to decide. I wanted ALL of it, but decided to purchase things I was not familiar with. Well, except for that 40 lb watermelon :) I couldn't resist.

One item that drew my attention were these lovely carnival squash. They look like pumpkins and ornamental gourds but are not. They are a fall harvest plant and these are actually from the first harvest of the year, from this particular farmer.

Aren't these lovely?

And had I known they would taste so good, I would have purchased a half dozen instead of two.

They were super easy to prepare. I washed them off, cut in half, scooped out the seeds and placed on a baking sheet.
I sprinkled them with honey powder and cinnamon. Roasted on 350 degrees until tender. Which took about 25 minutes.
Delicious and easy!
No need to peel them if you are roasting as I did. So pretty, I'm thinking next time to buy more and made a puree/bisque soup and use them as the bowl. Wouldn't that be pretty?

The taste is similar to butternut squash, acorn squash and sweet potatoes. 

Here are a couple of recipes made with other vegetables purchased that day.
Thyme roasted Delicata Squash
Asian Chicken Salad Wrap

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