Saturday, September 21, 2013

week 24 Swap N Share Sunday

WOW this is my 444th post! Good gracious...didn't I just have 300? I lost track.

What have you been up to this fine Saturday? Me? Well, we went to Harbor Freight to return a tool we bought yesterday and my dh promptly broke last night. smh
Made out my menu for this week, wrote a grocery list and hit the store.
Cleaned my kitchen counters, baked some cookies, reorganized (again) two of my cabinets, commented on a bunch of blogs, cooked lunch and am about to go cook supper.
No idea what tomorrow holds, other than me surfing all your GREAT looking recipes and pinning them :)

Theme this week: FALL Favorites, cookies, stews, bread, whatever is your favorite to fix come Fall. Is there something you have just been waiting for? Show us!

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