Saturday, September 7, 2013

week 22 of Swap N Share Sunday

Confession time, yesterday was Friday right? Well, it was about noon by the time I realized that. I was working away online and taking a break. Surfing Facebook, you know the time killer. And there it was, a post saying TGIF.

I immediately looked at the bottom of my screen, the date and time are displayed there, and then looked up at the calendar hanging on the wall. Yep, plain as day. 9/6/13 , 6th, Friday. did that happen?

See, normally I go see my mom on the weekend. But Wednesday was her birthday and we had gone to see her Tuesday and Wednesday. I remember saying on the way home that if felt like Sunday. So that meant that Friday would have been Tuesday.

Yeah, my days are all screwed up.

So here it is Saturday and it feels like...I don't know. But what I do know is that it is PARTY TIME!!

Oh wait, before we start the party, did you see the TOP 3 from last week? If not, you really should.

And if you were featured, grab a button. The party buttons are on the right side bar.

Spatulas On Parade
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