Monday, September 23, 2013

TOP 3 week 24

Here we are with another week of TOP 3, Host Favorite and Most Creative. You ladies absolutely amaze me! Creativity is oozing out of ya'll I swear it is.
Your Fall Favorites did not disappoint. If you missed it, find them HERE and if you would like to follow me and see them all on Pinterest, follow THIS board.

Let's just jump right in.

I love cheese crackers and Cynthia over at Feeding Big has made her own. Oh, now that I know this, it may be dangerous. YUM
Cheez It Crackers - Homemade

Terri over at Easy Life has her "no fail" pumpkin bars. I love having a dessert that always works and is quick and easy.
Heavenly Pumpkin Bars

Kristen at Baby Give Away is one of the newest to join us for Swap N Share Sunday and it seems you liked her recipes. Way to go Kristen.
Pineapple Squares

Host Favorite
Linda at With A Blast shares her sandwich, cake, french toast sort of dessert. I love all the great flavors in this recipe.
Cinnamon S'more Cake- sandwich maker

Most Creative
Well, good gracious! If I had HALF the creativity in my entire body that Liz has in her little finger I'd be dangerous! A carrot cake coffin for the candy bones swimming in death candy corn! You have GOT to be kidding me?!?!
Death By Candy Corn Halloween Carrot Cake

Honorable Mention for Creativity
Karen at Baking in a Tornado shows us how to make simple "bones" out of meringue  How cool, great idea and WHY did I not think of that?! hence the honorable mention.
Meringue Bones

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