Friday, September 6, 2013

thyme roasted delicata squash

Last Monday my husband and I made a trip to our State Farmer's Market. It is huge! It has been years since I have been, so long I really don't remember it much at all.

The market has grown and is now open 7 days a week. Rows and rows of buildings featuring stores, produce, plants, pottery and several restaurants. The above aerial photo was taken when the expanding construction was going on. You can see the buildings and dirt, which is now parking and tents.

We had such a great time, met some wonderful farmers and bought a LOT of produce. That produce is becoming great recipes that I will be sharing with you.

I purchased things that I can't find or did not know what was. I had seen these delicata squash before but only in magazines or online.
I purchased these from Brit Farms and a very nice older gentleman. I asked him what to do with them. He was funny and honest. He said " honey I just grow'em. These college girls here love'em and say they just cut'em open and roast'em like a butternut." I said, okay.

They taste similar to a mild sweet potato, like a white or yellow one but with a hint of butternut squash taste. You do not have to peel them to  roast, that is up to you.

I sliced them, cleaned out the center and then dipped them in olive oil. Placed them on a pan and sprinkled them with fresh cracked pepper and thyme.

Half way through the roasting time I flipped them over.

Don't these look great?! I sprinkled fresh cracked sea salt on top and we ate them. I think they'd make a great appetizer as well as side dish. My husband loved them and said he could have made a meal of them. NOW that is HIGH praise for a vegetable coming from a meat-atarian.

I know when I return to the market, these will be on the list of must haves. They are a Fall vegetable and the farmer said this was his first harvest. That means I have at least another month maybe two where I can purchase these.

1 tsp thyme
1 TBSP olive oil
fresh cracked black pepper and sea salt
2 delicata squash
Roasted at 425 degrees for 25 minutes. Flip half way through the time so both sides roast and brown.

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