Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Creative Food and TOP 3 week 22

Okay, this week I just can't help myself. You are in for a treat! Not just the TOP 3 and host favorite but a new category.
Most Creative Food and when you see this, you'll know why and agree.
With the holidays quickly approaching I'm sure there will be a lot of 'creative' foods linked up and I want to showcase those as well as favorites. Maybe the creative ones will become new favorites in your home.
Remember if you missed the party, you can always go back and view the links.
Week 22 HERE
or you can visit Pinterest and follow my Swap N Share Sunday board to see them all.

Cinnamon Apple Enchiladas Linda from South Africa and writer of With A Blast hit a home room with this dessert.

German Walnut Braid Jutta writer of Hungry Little Girl,from Germany, now living in the US shares her great recipe for a country favorite. This could be breakfast, dessert or snack food.

Beefy Jalapeno Corn Bake Jamie from Love Bakes Good Cakes has been amping it up lately if you've stopped by her blog you know what I mean.

Creative Foods
Eye of Newt Halloween Bundt Cake Liz from Just Dip It In Chocolate is so creative. This is just one example. Kids would love this for Halloween or a monster birthday party. Shoot my husband would love it.

Edible Dirt Terry guest posted on Feeding Big while Cynthia is out of country and what a great post. Creative in it's presentation. So pretty

Host Favorite
Chicken Enchilada Pizza Lisa from Cooking with Curls shared a great pizza. Features two of my favorites, no three. Chicken, Mexican and pizza! That's a triple win!

And to round it all out:
1 year ago today on the blog...well I didn't have a post on 9/10/12 but THIS was on 9/9 and is THE most viewed recipe I have. over 12,000 views!
Beef Doritos Casserole
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