Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TOP 3 from week 19

It rained all weekend and Monday too. How about where you are? It was a great weekend to stay inside and browse all the great recipes linked up. Catch up on my Netflix and read a book.

While watching the news I saw all the wild fires in the Western portion of our country. My heart breaks for the thousands who have lost their homes and the ones who were evacuated not knowing if they will have a home to come back to. With all of this, I am thankful for the rain. I don't like it, there is flooding everywhere but not devastating. I guess what I'm saying is, we can and should all be thankful. I pray none of you are in those areas of devastation and that you friends and family are safe.

Now back to the matter of TOP 3. CHOSEN by the viewers.

caramel de leche cake 
The blog is written in Hebrew so you'll have to hit the translate button, but it is worth it. Winnie has fabulous cakes.

Pupusas into Quesadillas
Lydia has a great blog with great recipes. These are homemade so if you always wanted to try your hand, check out her instructions. Very helpful.

Black Cherry Ice Cream
I love this recipe. It is really simple and you don't need a machine to fix it.

HOST favorite, even though I don't drink. Lisa's recipe sounds so good plus you'll see her peach napolean while you're there.
Peach Bellini

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