Monday, August 19, 2013

Healthy Breakfast Parfait

Did the name make you wonder if you were on the right page? Yes, it says, "healthy". I do healthy I prefer decadent but I can do healthy and am trying to do more of it actually and it dawned on me that I haven't shown you a lot of the 'healthy' stuff.

This is quick, easy and can be put in a container to go, this you could eat on your break at work, breakfast or lunch. Maybe even a late night snack.

This is not something I feed my husband. He is not a fan of yogurt and has a tendency to rebel against the use of the word "healthy". shh don't tell him I told you.

Healthy Breakfast Parfait
1 container, single serve, plain or vanilla yogurt
1 banana
2 TBSP granola (with almonds and cranberries)
2 tsp blackberry honey

Slice the banana like you would for an ice cream sundae or in slices. Top with yogurt, granola and honey.

Told you it was simple.

You may have seen it on my instagram as well. I sliced the bananas after the first time. I like it better. This has become my go to breakfast for a week now. You can see all my "healthy" eating on instagram. I post my salads, breakfast and snacks. Oh ignore the photos of the Oreos. :)

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