Saturday, July 6, 2013

Swap N Share Sunday week 13

If you are superstitious  which I am not, we will call this week 12 B, but deep down you know it is still 13. :D

Once again an eventful week with lots of changes. We cleaned house, got rid of furniture and emotional baggage (clutter) painted my youngest sons bedroom and that became my office/photography room. We helped him and his bride load all their worldly possession into a truck and packed them off to Texas for his first duty station. Air Force. We watched out two boys as they put on a great fire works display on July 4th and had our last family meal together, at least for a long time. It was a month ago that my dad passed away and six months ago that my mother-in-law passed, it was also her birthday this past week.
Tons of emotions and changes. I guess 13...2013 is the year of change. At least in our home.

So enough about all that. Time to... 

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Spatulas On Parade
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Becca over at Yummilicous had the top 2 viewed recipes this week. Congrats!

Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

Tarragon Potato Salad

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