Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Side dishes perfect for the 4th

So much has happened this year until it feels like it has been two years in six months.
But July 4th? Already? Mind boggling.

Anyway, are you cooking out, picnicking, traveling, going to a festival park? What are your plans?
My husband has to work and our kids are grown. So it will be like any other day for me, until that evening. THEN we will go over to my youngest sons in-laws home for fireworks. shh don't tell

In case you are fixing food and needs some ideas. How about a few of these?

 Top photo is the Red, White and Blue Trifle, super easy, no baking required.
Under that is the Flamin' Oink Squeakers, easy to bake up but could be grilled as well.
Bottom Left: Fruit Salad with OJ Honey Dressing
Middle: Hodge Podge Salad
Bottom Right: Veggie Tuna Mac

HAPPY 4th!!!!!!!! Be safe, have fun and ENJOY

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