Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It is just too stinkin' hot to cook!! So it's salad and sandwich time. Not something I normally do, but considering I popped a tendon and sprained my ankle, a sandwich is a meal saver. Throw in some ice cream for dessert and we're all set.

Since we are over run with tomatoes, a BLT sounds good all the time. No I haven't fixed them everyday, bacon cost too much otherwise I would. :)

I have 3 favorite sandwiches that are super easy and filling. You can precook your bacon early in the day before the heat sets in and serve it room temperature, heat it in the toaster oven or in the microwave if you must.

A 'regular' BLT but only with Dukes Mayo. My kicked up version-grilled cheese and then our Buffalo chicken grill cheese. 

Did I peak your interest? Check'em all out!

BLT, bacon, fresh romaine lettuce, garden fresh tomato, Dukes Mayo, sea salt, cracked pepper, whole grain white wheat bread

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