Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pizza Cookie

I love pizza and so do most kids I know. So what  after school snack than a cookie that looks like a pizza? I wanted to make taco sugar cookies but do you know how hard it is to bake a cookie and it come out shaped like a taco shell? I have no idea how to make them 'pretty' so I gave up and made a pizza instead.

This post is the first for #Fillthecookiejar with Feeding Big, a monthly cookie party. Each month will have a different theme. This month is back to school or kids favorite. Since my kids are all grown, I was thinking about what they would want when they got home. Pizza, cookies,so why not make one that is both.

Info on fill the cookie jar can be found here:

Here is my submission:
Pizza Cookie
1 family size bag of sugar cookie mix = pizza crust
1/3 cup mini chocolate chips = ground beef
2 kiwi = diced is the green peppers
5 strawberries = diced is the tomatoes
1/3 cup butterscotch chips = represents the cheese
Follow the directions on the bag of mix, I used my stone to bake my "pizza" and sprinkled everything on top.
Delicious and sort of healthy :)

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