Saturday, July 13, 2013

8 layer salad

This month for the first time I joined up with a group "The Salad Bar" and this months link up is about...salads. Go figure right. ha ha but it is not always salads.

I had been thinking about a layered salad I used to make, so I added a few things to it and we loved it. I wanted a little crunch so I added the La Choy noodles and the Onion Crunch. Great flavors and crunch. 

8 layer salad
Romaine lettuce
green garden peas
Onion crunch **
crunchy rice noodles **
Ranch dry dip mix

I thinly sliced the lettuce and place 1/2 head in the bottom, next was the finely chopped cauliflower and broccoli. Sliced tomatoes, sprinkle with the peas, top with the Ranch dip mix, onion crunch and rice noodles. Begin again. Chill and enjoy!

** this post is not sponsored by La Choy or Onion Crunch. I was not paid not given any compensation for this post. It is of my own opinion and free will.**

Please visit the other pages in "The Salad Bar" and see what wonderful recipes they have shared.

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