Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fruit salad with oj honey dressing

WOOT YIPPEE YAHOOO and all that jazz! My son came home from being gone for 7 months. He joined the USAF and has been in basic and then tech school. He is home for a brief time before leaving us again for the next 2 years. So we celebrated with a big ol' family dinner.

Having a crowd to feed and two unexpected dinner guest I decided to add something to the meal, doing this helps stretch the food.

We started the meal with this refreshing fruit salad then moved on to  a lovely Angus beef roast with carrots, new potatoes, onions, fresh sauteed green beans, Hawaiian sweet rolls and ended with an eclair cake. Yes, I go all out.

Being it is summer and having lots of fresh fruit on hand. I whipped up this refreshing salad. FYI fruit should be eaten before the meal as it digest quicker and aids in digestion.

It was a big hit, even with the non-healthy-I want-meat-only eaters. :) If you are reading this you know who you are...AJ.

Fruit salad with OJ Honey Dressing
1 pint strawberries, washed and hulled
1 orange
1 apple
1 large clump seedless grapes
2 large kiwi
1 TBSP honey
1/2 tsp poppy seeds
Slice, dice, peel and prepare all your fruit. Toss into a bowl with the honey, oj and poppy seeds. Mix well, cover and chill.

My friend Cynthia over at Feeding Big has a similar salad. Want to see her's? Check it out: Fruit Salad

AND I shared one last year with the same fruits but different sauce. Check it out:. Fruit Salad throw back

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