Saturday, June 1, 2013

Chicken Bacon Pepper Tortilla Pizza

I am not home today, as my baby is getting married! It does not feel like it has been long enough since he was born for this to be happening. However, he has been in the Air Force for 6 months now and engaged for 15 months. So I guess it has. I miss him so much but am proud of him and so happy that he has found a lovely young woman to share his life with. She is lovely inside and out. All my boys are grown and gone. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to share my life, moments and recipes with you. Being an empty nester some days are longer than others, so blogging can be therapeutic.

Last week after being home alone and not really feeling like cooking after a long day of cleaning, weeding the garden and other various chores, I decided to do a quick fix meal.
I really didn't have to worry about whether my husband would like it since he was at work.
I used up some leftover chicken, precooked crumbled bacon, cheese, and a sweet salad pepper topped a flour tortilla and slid it in the oven. Done. How easy is that? and good to boot.
My kind of meal at the end of a long day. I enjoyed a big salad with this also.

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