Thursday, May 30, 2013

White Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Cookies

I was in the mood for cookies but lazy at the same time. Does this happen to you? I was also in the middle of a flare and this makes me sort of depressed at times.
I stood looking in the baking cabinet and then I saw it, a bag of sugar cookie mix that someone gave me. I don't use mixes but hey I was desperate. So I drug it out of the cabinet, read the ingredients and directions. I looked up and saw the bag of Andes peppermint pieces. OH yeah baby! I was on to something.
Now I opened the bag and took a taste, of the mints that is. hmmm a little strong for my taste. So I took another gander and what do I see, a bag of white chips. ah yes, that's the ticket.

1 bag Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix
1 egg
1 stick butter room temp.
1/2 cup peppermint pieces
1/2 cup white chips
Follow the directions for mixing the dough, then add the chips. Makes 3 dozen and it is super fast and easy.
My husband loved them so much I only had a few, that's okay. Not like I need them anyway.

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