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Sharing is Caring - Father's Day

I am joining with several other bloggers to celebrate Father's Day which is right around the corner and this is a difficult time for many. But I hope you will read about my dad, the recipes he likes and at the end of this post follow some if not all of the links to visit the others participating. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Sharing is Caring Father's Day Blog Hop hosted by Life With Lovebugs and Powerful Mothering!

Father's Day   
My dad is now in a nursing home. A fact that is still hard for me to wrap my brain around. He was always a workaholic, seven days a week, twelve hours days were short as he normally worked longer. He was a rough man, a redneck country boy through and through. So to see him laying in a bed, unable to walk, on all sorts of medication, kidney dialysis four times a week for five and a half hours at a time is heart wrenching.

As an only child, I am a proud "Daddy's Girl". He was not always nice and we had some rough moments, but I never have doubted that he loves me. That he would fight for me, and has, that he would do anything for me.
I am very much his child, I have also worked very hard to overcome some of the not-so-nice similarities but if you cross me, you will know I am a Gardner through and through.

My daddy loves to eat, he used to say "a candy bar a day keeps the doctor away" well, not so much now with him being diabetic. He loves chocolate, meat and potatoes, cheese with 'nilla' wafers and fried 'shi ken' as he likes to say.

Here are a few of my recipes that my daddy LOVES! He says 'nanner' and will scarf this down like there is no tomorrow. The Killer beans, well, let's just say it is "man" food and the breakfast casserole he loves so much I made it for him two days in a row once. Hope you enjoy them as well.

After the recipes you can see a few photos of me, my dad and of us together.
Thanks for stopping by and if your dad is still with you, give him a call, a hug and enjoy it because we are none promised tomorrow.

Banana pudding

Killer beans

Breakfast Casserole

My wedding day 29 Dec 1982
Family reunion last year, August 2012
me and my dad Father's Day 1980
My parents at my home in 1988 with my oldest. See the grin on my Dad's face? He loves that boy.

Please be sure to visit the other blogs and see what Father's Day celebrations are happening.

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