Tuesday, May 14, 2013

moco loco (Spam with bacon)

Several weeks ago at one of my link parties there was a spam recipe linked up. My husband loves Spam. So when I saw they now have...are you ready for this? Bacon Spam, yep, I knew I would have to buy some for him. You should check out the recipe because it is lovely.

We love to have breakfast for supper, so this is what I did.

Bacon Spam, sliced and fried served with (for hubby) runny egss, scrambled for me, grits (we are Southern ya know) and biscuits. I have to admit, it was pretty darn tasty.

Will I do it again? Probably not, the sodium content is high, but it was a nice treat for him.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I need to go to the store and find that! I love Spam!

  2. When I lived in Hawaii, they put spam in everything...even sushi!!!