Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Custom Knife

How many of you have a favorite knife? I do, actually I have a few. I have a favorite paring knife, a favorite veggie knife and one for cutting frozen meats.

My husbands cousin is a custom knife maker. Not sure what the 'technical' term is but he is fabulous. Makes knives of all shapes and sizes and travels to the knife and gun shows across the U.S.

Check out his Facebook page: Pridgen Custom Knives
OR visit their website: HERE

I am not being paid to endorse his products. This is my opinion and I love my new knife. My husband got it for me as an Anniversary/Mother's Day gift. Mine is custom made, there is not another one but some similar.

It is the perfect size and shape for my hand and comfortable to use. THANK YOU Larry!

All the knives are hand made, the blades are Damascus steel and each one has a custom handle and knife sheath for the larger knives.

Be sure to check it out. His daughter also makes "mini" Pridgen Custom Knives. Tam's Mini's. See her page HERE

Be sure to tell him that Dawn and Darrell sent you. (no, we do not get paid for endorsing or referrals, just doing it because it is a product/person we believe in)

Here is Larry, hard at work:

My knife:

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  1. I can't even imagine how great that must be to have someone in the family who makes quality knives. I'd sure take advantage of that!