Monday, February 4, 2013

Guest Post = Valentine's Day

It is almost Valentine's Day, can you believe it is February already? Sheez time just goes by way too fast.

Once again, for the 'holiday', I am having a guest post. That's right, Jutta from Hungry Little Girl is here.

Read all about her take on Valentine's Day and some delicious recipes.

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Valentine's Day

Oh how happy am I to be able to have these Holiday Guest Post Exchanges with my friend Dawn!
If you follow her for longer already, you might know me and read one of my posts in the past.
I'm Jutta from HungryLittleGirl and am (obviously) a Foodie Blogger too ;)

Before I start talking about Valentines Food, I want to say some words about my thoughts to this day. First of all I think love should be celebrated and appreciated every day. Love is something so wonderful and magical and we can be happy we all experience it!
Yes, you even experience it, if you are single and won't have anyone at home on the 14th. Just think about your family, kids, friends, maybe even some co-worker. I am serious, love comes in so many different ways, we are surrounded by it period and it is the one and only thing, that keeps the world from collapsing!
The world around us gets so rushing and stressful most of the time, that we forget it is there, so I think it is great to have one day that reminds everyone of it!

My experience with Valentines is great. No, I have not been in a relationship every Valentines of my life, but still enjoyed it and spread love! It started in school: They gave us the opportunity to send roses secretly to someone you had a crush on. Well, I wasn't a very popular girl, but still some roses – from my friends. This was their way of showing their „friendship-love“ to me!
I also always get a little something for my family. It's the day of love, so I show everyone I love in some way my appreciation!

Now enough the feeling bla bla, let's talk FOOD :)
Basically I think you can turn every dish into a Valentines dish.
With this being said simply pick the dish your partner loves the most and bring a Valentines touch to it. This might be some red or pink, a heart shape somehow somewhere or anything fancied up with red wine! The possibilities are endless. So that you know what I mean, I will show you my favorite creations:

'I Love You' Whole Wheat Biscoff Brownies
Biscoff is my favorite and mixed with whole wheat you get some amazing flavor combo. To turn that into a Valentines dish I simply melted some chocolate and put it in heart-shape on top. So why not making your partners favorite brownie like that?!

Flaming Hearts
This is very simple – your favorite cut out cookie, some jam and white chocolate. I even went a step more towards laziness and used a microwave spongecake recipe for the cookie :)

Red Coconut Cream Cake on Ritz Cracker Crust
Yup, some simple red dyed coconut does the trick :)

Kit Kat Crusted Strawberry Cheesecake
Go decadent with berries – strawberries or raspberries will turn everything into a Valentines dish!

White Chocolate Bottomed Nutella Strawberry Cream Rice Krispies)
Even rice krispies can be turned into a lovely dish by adding some pink or red cream on top!

Now nothing can go wrong on February 14th :)
I would love to have you share, how you turn your dished into Valentine dishes, or if you maybe even have things that you ONLY make on that day?!

I am wishing everyone here a wonderful, love-filled Valentine's Day with lots of delicious food and some real quality time with your loved ones!



  1. LOVE these awesome treats.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day.:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jutta has some great recipes, hope you stopped by her blog as well.

  2. Wonderful guest post! I'm really liking those brownies at the top of the list. I'll have to go check those out. =0)
    I'm a new GFC follower and added you back on G+ as well. =0)
    Hope you'll hop on over and visit my blog.