Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spa Treatment at Home

Good morning, today I'm venturing out into something new. Spa treatments at home. Recently I was contacted by Michelle and she is employed with a luxury spa in upstate New York.

Everyday she she's ladies spend hundreds of dollars to look fabulous but all the while working with knowledge that you can look this way from home for far less and these treatments use FOOD items found in your pantry!

Here is her guest post I am sharing with you today.


Fresh Faced For the New Year

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind you, it's the perfect time to unwind and treat your skin to some tender loving care. The harsh, dry months of winter can do a number on your complexion, but it's easy to bring back a youthful, glowing appearance with an at-home facial and lip scrub. At many upscale spas, lips are the focus of special treatment during the romantic month of February.  Concentrating on the lips during an at-home facial can uncover beautiful, plump lips your partner will love to kiss, or that you will love to show off!

The most nourishing and beneficial face-masks often include ingredients found in both common and exotic foods. What is good for the inside of you body can also pamper the outside.  One of the hottest trends in beauty treatment products is the well-known vegetable of the sea: seaweed. Seaweed sheets, used in sushi making, are easily found at most grocery stores. Rich in minerals and anti-oxidants, this cost-effective food staple of Japanese culture packs a powerful punch when applied to the skin.

To make a seaweed mask you need dried seaweed sheets, a coffee grinder and an oil or moisturizer of your choice. Olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil are good choices and can be mixed with a bit of aloe Vera gel for an even greater soothing effect.  Grind the seaweed in your coffee grinder until it turns into a powder and then mix the powder with the oil to make a paste. If you have naturally oily skin, mineral water can be substituted for the oil. Once the mask is applied to your face, give it at least twenty minutes to work its magic on your skin.  While you wait, it's time to turn your attention to your lips.  

For an easy and delicious lip scrub you need coconut oil and sugar. Both brown and white sugar work well to exfoliate the delicate skin on the lips, but steer clear of confectioners sugar; it's ground too finely to work as an exfoliator. Scoop out one-half teaspoon coconut oil and place it in the palm of your hand.  Slowly work the oil with your fingers and as it begins to turn translucent and liquid, add one-quarter teaspoon sugar to your palm.  Mix the two ingredients until well blended and then apply to your lips gently.  Using your ring finger can help regulate the pressure applied to your lips.  Scrub gently for ten seconds on each lip and then remove the scrub with a soft cloth.   

These two all natural, homemade beauty treatments are a convenient, inexpensive way to bring the luxury of a rejuvenating spa treatment home to you. Single, married or dating, whatever your situation may be, every woman wants to look good and feel great Valentines Day and all year round! 


If you are interested in more "at home" spa like treatments then stop by Robyn's View . Robin is one of my dear friends and co-host for Foodie Friends Friday. You can also find her over at Daily Dish where she, like myself, shares recipes and her DIY spa, food and craft items.


  1. How did I miss this post? Boy I sure could use a spa day right now!

    1. Probably because we were all working on commenting for the link party. I did PIN it and hope it gives each Michelle and Robyn more exposure.
      I'd love a spa day as well!!