Monday, January 14, 2013

Healthy Fudge

I am trying VERY hard to cut back in 2013. See my youngest is getting married in June and I'd REALLY like to have a dress that didn't look like a circus tent! 
I am a sweet-a-holic. As you can tell by my blog. So I need/want sweets. BUT they are not always healthy. So when I saw my friend Tracy's fudge and found out she borrowed it from Jodie. Well, I had to do it as well. See they are two of my FFF girls and if it's good for them, it's good for me.

Healthy fudge

Healthy and fudge don't really go together but this time they do. A nice rich, sweet, (almost)raw fudge! You can do like Jodie and use peanut butter, like Tracy and use cream cheese or add almond butter, sunflower butter or something totally different.
The original recipe was from one of my FFF girls, Binomial Baker (find her HERE ) on Daily Dish. Then Tracy over at BVM adapted it for her family. This is my rendition.

Fudge Recipe
1/2 cup organic virgin Tropical Traditions coconut oil
1/2 cup raw organic orange blossom honey
1/2 cup baking cocoa plus 2 TBSP
3 TBSP cream cheese
1/2 container raspberry yogurt

Melt the coconut oil and honey, mix in the cream cheese and then add the cocoa powder. Pour into a pan lined with parchment paper. I used an old casserole dish that was my grandmothers. It is larger than a loaf pan but smaller than a 'regular' pan. Swirl in the yogurt. Next leave it in the freezer for 25 minutes, cut into bite size pieces.  In order for it to firm up, I needed to leave it in the freezer longer than the others. I assume it is due to the yogurt. Store in the fridge and enjoy!


  1. Dawn this fudge looks delicious and I am going to have to try it.

    1. Super easy and really good, taste like dark chocolate.