Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Caprese Skewers

On Sunday evening I was bored and wanting to get out of the house. So dh indulged me. We went somewhere we had never been, Mellow Mango. Do you have one of these? It's a frozen yogurt shop. They are popping up all over. It was really good, something fun to do but a bit pricey. Not something we will do on a regular basis but something fun for a change. I had the pistachio alone with white chocolate macadamia! He had the Girrahdeli chocolate.

Afterward, we walked over to Harris Teeter, this is a high end grocery store in our area. I needed to find some goodies for my foodie pen pal and find some "different" foods to try.

I told dh I wanted to find some things we had never tried before and items that would give me inspiration for recipes to use on the blog. So off we set out through the store. We spent an HOUR in there! Can you imagine your husband going shopping with you for an hour AND enjoying it?!?! Heaven! ha ha

We found a great stash of items for my FPP and for us to try. I spent more than I normally do but these items can be used more than once. I bought a "live" basil plant and put it in my kitchen window. I also purchased "Fresh" mozzarella, capers, sweet vadalia onion relish, lemon wine vinegar, hearts of palm, fresh olives (5 varieties), black rice, Chinese Five Spice and a few other things.

What does all that mean? A TON of new recipes with new foods and fun ideas!

Now, this first one I will share is not new to most, but it was totally new to my dh and he enjoyed it. The heart of palm was new to me. Not my favorite foods but different and edible. It sort of reminded me of artichoke.

Our main course...OH GOOD GOOGLY GOO was it FAN Freakin Tastic or what?!?! That recipe I can not share...just yet. Be on the look out. It will be up on the 20th and then you'll see why I waited to share. :)

Caprese Skewers and salad

Fresh mozzarella
fresh basil
caprese tomatoes (which I found at Sam's)
mini sweet cukes (found at Sam's)
hearts of palm
balsamic vinegar
extra virgin olive oil

All items were cut into bite size chunks and placed on mini skewers. Balsamic and evoo were sprinkled over the skewers and fresh cracked black pepper added.

With all the extra I had chopped up, I tossed it onto a plate for fresh salad. That I will enjoy for lunch today.