Monday, October 1, 2012

My first Foodie Pen Pal

Hi all, if you have been around you know I am one of the host for Foodie Friends Friday. This is a great once a week party, where fellow food bloggers link up a recipe on Friday and Saturday, then come back and vote on their top 3 favorites on Sunday. With that being said, last month as I was visiting some of our linked recipes I saw something that caught my eye. Foodie Pen Pal. Well, that peeked my curiosity! So I read all about it, got super excited and followed the link to Lindsey at The Lean Green Bean , read all the rules and signed up!
My experience has been great! You are paired up with 2 people. One you send a package to and the other you receive a package from! How fun is that??!!

I was totally blessed to receive from Claudia, she is a writer from Arkansas. She spoiled me with a huge box of goodies. I had a family emergency and was out of town when the box arrived but left strict instructions to my family to NOT open my box. I arrived home at 3 a.m. exhausted and excited to find the box waiting for me. It was really hard to go to bed and not open it then. I wanted to savor each moment so off to bed I went only to be up at 7 a.m. because I could not wait.What I found inside thrilled me and made me feel bad because I did not do an elaborate job of sending like I was receiving. Each item was wrapped separately and there was a hand written note asking me to open each item,THEN read the letter. So I promptly started. My 20 year old son was home and up, so he stood there while I opened and we sampled each item. WOW homemade goodies and also items from her local farms along with something to pamper myself with. Now that is heaven in a box!

Now what she did not know is that I went to art school, love to draw and am a push over for hand made items. So her letter that had her drawings on it was a thrill for me!

It is hard to pick a favorite but I have to say the homemade apple cake was by far the best. I ate a piece for breakfast along with fresh fruit each day until it was gone. My second favorite, which is our oldest sons favorite, was the Williamette Valley granola chips! Very addictive and I soon learned that no where within 50 miles of me sells them! ugh but they can be purchased on Amazon for less than $20 for a case! Guess what I'll be doing, yep, ordering a case.

cake and chips 

My husband's favorite was the brittle, which was delicious, and the sweet potato muffins. He is not a granola fan but even he liked the chips.

The topping on the cake for me was the organic homemade body butter that was in the box, made by her friend. Now that has been my daily guilty pleasure. It has honestly made a difference in my skin as well. I do not use a lot of chemicals on my body and haven't worn makeup in over 8 years, so having this luscious body butter is fabulous! I have been using hard lotion for some time and even researching making my own, so again, this is something she did not know but suited me perfectly. Divine inspiration is what this box was full of!

Oh, I almost forgot the honey! How could I!? I love raw honey and buy it locally, not that junk in the bear from the stores, which by the way is not honey. This honey is different tasting than what I get because it is local to her area. I have used it in my bread baking and tea so far, very good.

There were also two mixes in the box. Both came from local farms in her area. The one, Italian herb flat bread that was gluten free, I tried. Not sure if I did something wrong or if gluten free bread is suppose to turn out this way. It had great flavor but was definitely different. The other was for a spinach artichoke dip which I have not made yet.

flat bread and mixes (ugh I accidentally deleted the photo of the flat-bread off my camera)

This has been a fabulous experience and I look forward to participating again. Remember, you don't have to be a blogger to participate, follow the link mentioned above and sign up if you are interested. I will be doing this again and again! So a big shout out to Lindsey at The Lean Green Bean for putting this all together!!! 

I do hope that Amanda enjoyed the items I sent her, local food items from NC, as much as I enjoyed what was in my box from Claudia.


The Lean Green Bean  The Lean Green Bean Foodie Pen Pal LINK


  1. Replies
    1. It was a great box! I will be enjoying the body butter and lip balm for some time!

  2. Wow you did get the mother load. What a great bunch of goodies--- so well deserved especially receiving it after your family emergency!

  3. So glad you liked it!! I had a family emergency of my own on Sunday that's still getting resolved. I'll send you the apple cake recipe later today. Hectic times. Anyway, really glad you liked everything... even the hand drawn note!


    1. Sorry about your emergency Claudia. I did enjoy the note so very much and the cake even more :-)