Saturday, October 27, 2012

Honey Bars

Last week while surfing through the many food pages on Facebook, I ran across a recipe that looked so good, I went to the kitchen and made, right then!
I was not disappointed! It was so good in fact, that two days later, I made it again but this time with a few modifications.

The original was from Hey, What's For Supper? She calls these Miz EmmaLou's Honey Bars. I just call them addictive!

It is a super simple recipe and one that can easily be added to. I did. Follow the link above for her recipe.

Now the first time I made them, I used cranberry honey and almonds. The second time I used a handful of salted mixed nuts, a handful of spicy granola and a handful of white chocolate chips. This version my son and husband preferred. I liked the almond and cranberry honey the best.

You decide.