Monday, October 29, 2012

Crunch Wrap

I'm behind on posting folks, I have several recipes I need to get up here, I apologize. I got a little side tracked with life, health and the magazine...Let's see if I can catch you all up. This will be one of several today. Bear with me please.

Saturday I went to the bridal expo with my youngest son and his bride to be. It all became very real very fast! He will be 19 in a few weeks and will also be leaving for basic training with the Air Force. We love her, we truly do and I am blessed to see that they love one another, have a solid relationship with each other and are grounded in their faith. They got engaged back in April, I think...I know I should know when but my fibro is causing brain fog this morning so forgive me. They have known each other about 7 years, dating 2 and will have been engaged for over a year when the wedding date gets here. So this is no rush of foolish young love. ANYway, I said all that to explain that the bridal expo was my idea and that it was not a shock sort of thing. I was honored to go and everyone there of course thought I was the mother of the bride. We got tired of explaining and just started saying yes. I will be her mother-in-law. Which by the way I don't like, the name that is. How about second mother or just mom. Mother-in-law brings with it such a negative note. I don't want to be a MIL. I want to be the other mom. MamaDawn like I am to dozens of young people.  
We tasted so delicious cakes and some not so delicious foods! I kept walking around tasting this and that, thinking, wow if these people can sell this food, I should go in business! 

OK, got off track. Sorry.

So, I love Taco Bell. I know I should not. It is about the only fast food I eat, when I eat it. However, after hearing on the radio that they use Grade F meat...uh hello, I will not be returning. My favorite is the crunch wrap and I thought,; dang, how hard can it be? So I made my own. It was not hard and they were WAY better, trust me!

I should have taken step by step photos to show you how to do this but I think you can figure it out. It is really easy.

Crunch Wrap

large flour tortilla
ground beef
taco seasoning
sour cream
refried beans

Cook the meat, onions and taco seasoning together. Take one large tortilla and smear refried beans in the center, place the tostada on top. Now add the meat mix, cheese, sour cream ,salsa and lettuce. Wrap the tortilla and fold it around the stack in the center. Now place this face down in a pan or on a griddle. Once it has sealed and is brown, carefully flip it over. 
TA DA Done!
Easy peasy


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  1. I think this will be on next week's menu!! Sounds very easy and I don't like Taco Bell, so this will be awesome! Thanks Dawn!