Friday, September 7, 2012

Egg rolls and sushi

Yesterday I was on a roll, so to speak. For breakfast I was creative while filling a need for food, a craving for chocolate and not wanting to cook just yet. I took a banana, spread it with Nutella and then rolled it in Grape Nuts. Yes, it was delicious and sort of healthy, right? Well, there was fruit and fiber, oh and wait, the Nutella is made from hazelnuts so yes, it was healthy! ha ha Sliced it up and called it breakfast sushi, that in itself is funny because I don't eat sushi, so I guess I was a little sleep deprived as well.

For lunch we had egg rolls with a twist, pizza twist that is. I took leftover egg roll wrappers filled them with pepperoni and cheese. Rolled them up and fried (yes I know fried!) them in a little oil, we're talking a whole total of 2 TBSP of oil in a non-stick pan until they were brown and crispy. The boys loved them and so did I. Drain them on paper towels if you do this to absorb the excess oil. Which surprisingly there wasn't much of.

Be creative with what you have, try something new, you just never know when you'll hit the food jackpot!



  1. I have had bananas with melted chocolate but never nutella! Need to try that! And I make egg rolls as well. Your meals look good!

    1. Most people dip bananas in chocolate or spread peanut butter on them. I can no longer eat peanut butter, so I thought, why not Nutella!? Yum