Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cheesy Chicken Rice with bacon

As I was uploading pictures off my camera yesterday, I saw several and went OH NO I did not post about this! Panic...the weekend was hectic, stressful and very emotional. I made this recipe on Saturday night and here it is Wednesday and I am just now blogging about it. blush...

My sissy and her man were still here so several things were fixed for dinner that night. I made a fresh marinara with brown rice pasta for them, we all had a huge salad and then for my family we had the cheesy chicken rice with bacon. A new take on an old favorite.

Our salads were loaded, organic baby greens, pea pods, sprouts, cucumbers, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds , dried cranberries, tomatoes, banana peppers and a fresh homemade dressing. Grape seed oil, water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, Italian seasoning, garlic and Himalayan sea salt.

Cheesy Chicken Rice with Bacon

2 cups cooked shredded chicken
2 cups raw rice (equals 4 cups cooked)
3 cups chicken broth plus 1 cup water
butter 4 TBSP
1 1/2 cups cheese, shredded cheddar
1/2 lb of bacon cooked and crumbled or precooked

I had chicken broth from earlier in the week so I used this instead of canned. I cooked the rice with the butter, broth and water. Once it was almost done I added the cooked bacon and chicken. Last I added the cheese, folded it in and Wa La Done! My guys really enjoyed this. It was quick and easy. I cooked my chicken breast earlier and had it shredded so all I had to do was toss it in.


This recipe is featured at Debbidoo's


  1. This looks simply delish! You mentioned you linked up to my newbie party, however, I don't see my button or link anywhere. When you join a party that is one thing the hosts ask so we can help spread the party. Thanks so much.

    1. Debbie I am confused, I did have a link under the picture! I have no idea what happened to it. I double checked it. :(
      Will edit and add again.
      I am one of the host for Foodie Friends Friday and I know how important the links are.