Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It has been a rough week and I just want to thank my friends, family and foodie followers for your friendship, kind words and encouragement that you have given me. It really means a lot.

Last night there was not a 'new' recipe. My husband had been asking for the fish tacos again. I had promised to fix them over the weekend but one thing happened and that led to another, well, it just didn't happen. Then Monday night he worked late so last night we finally had them. Along with a cucumber and tomato salad. 

Cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, lime juice, honey, olive oil, white wine vinegar and a little Italian seasoning sprinkled on. It was very tasty. Sorry I don't have a picture, I was so tired and spent until I totally forgot to take a picture. However, there is a small amount leftover in the fridge. I will try to remember at lunch and take a photo before I finish it off and come back later to show you. Not like you really need a photo of cucumbers and tomatoes but I like taking pictures so...

It is extremely hot here and wet. Seems everyone else is suffering from a drought and we are in drought conditions so they say, but my yard is standing in water and the grass desperately needs to be mowed. If this keeps up we'll have to buy a goat to go along with all these chickens! 

You'll have to come back by later to see my recipe and photos as I will be trying something new. Of course, that is what I'm always doing. I am going to make two things that my son loves and roll them into one. Yep, egg rolls and chicken cordon bleu. I'll let you know how it works out.

OH SHOOT I just remembered, I have someone stopping by this afternoon from out of town. Dang it....guess I better go and get things straight and figure out what off of my menu I'm fixing for tonight and rearrange that. what to do.

Stay tuned!

Well, the egg rolls turned out FABulous! see the next post for the recipe and pictures!
Here is the picture of the cucumbers and tomatoes as promised. So tasty!!

For supper tonight we had my wonderful Italian Herb Loaf and Crock Pot lasagna, I use the same recipe as Brandi over at The Country
Crock Pot Lasagna one difference I use ricotta cheese instead of cottage.

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