Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crock Pot Cube Steak

Well, Tuesday was just a normal day. I baked a loaf of honey wheat bread, a batch of molasses cookies and tossed dinner in the crock pot. Little did I know that later that same night my world would be turned upside down.

I can not go into details, but if you are of the belief, as I am. That no matter how good or bad our days are, God is still in control. Life our family and the family of long time dear friend, up in prayer.

God is good and only God is good, all the time. No matter the situation, no matter how tragic. My life will never be the same but my God never changes.

Now on to the food.

I have a fellow foodie named Brandi, she is The Country Cook and at this link you will find her fabulous crock pot cube steak with gravy. The first time I made this I thought, MY GOSH why have I been slaving over fixing this for years! No more! From that point on, I only use her recipe. However, the other night I could not remember the exact remember and really didn't feel like hopping online to find it. So I improvised. It was just as fabulous. For the original recipe be sure to click on:

I used: 1 package onion soup dry mix
 2 cups beef broth
 1 package brown gravy dry mix
 1 package au jus dry mix
 8 cube steaks

Everything went into the crock pot on high for 4 hours, then low for 1 while I waited for everyone to get home.

 Sorry about the lighting here

Served with brown rice, fresh green beans and homemade honey wheat bread


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