Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cowboy Bake

This is what happens when I have leftovers. I throw stuff together and give it a name.
I had ground beef cooked and in the fridge. I added Jack Daniels barbeque sauce No.7 recipe, 1/2 cup of corn and poured that into a cast iron skillet.
Then I mixed up my cornbread recipe and poured on top. Topping that with a handful of shredded colby/cheddar cheese blend.
Into the oven at 350 degrees until the cornbread was done and golden brown.
Dinner is served. We had leftover cucumber salad with it and the meal was complete.
Simple, easy and tasty.

Be creative, let your imagination run wild. And above all


  1. Looks really good! Stopping by from Facebook!

  2. Oh, Dawn, these recipes make me really wish I still had family living with me!!! Oh, well, just more I'll have to make at my daughter's house, or my niece's house! I've never had to cook for a crowd daily, but I enjoy it when I get the chance to!

  3. Becky/KittyGram be sure to let me know when you make this!