Friday, December 13, 2019

Road Trip With Miss Sassy Pants - UYW Dec

Today’s post is a writing challenge. The last one of 2019, well the last UYW for this year. You know how it works: participating bloggers send 4 – 6 words or short phrases to Karen for someone else to craft into a post. We then use All words at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now. So join with us as we visit each other and see who and how our words were used. Fun right? If you are a writer/blogger and would like to join us, contact Karen over at Baking In A Tornado. She'd be more than happy to  give you details and sign you up.
When I saw my words I immediately wished I lived closer to Miss Sassy Pants, who by the way is 9 going on 35 right now. However, I am now nine hours away from her so this little bit is part fiction and part fact. Facts being words and phrases she has said to me. Lawdy that child! So here we go. Thanks Rena for the words.

Sitting at the house waiting on everyone to get ready so we can go to dinner, Miss Sassy Pants is getting beyond impatient, pacing and saying "COME ON y'all I'm starving to death in here" while five people try to get ready in one bathroom with two dogs and two cats getting in the way.

Miss Sassy Pants as y'all may remember is my granddaughter. She is just as sassy if not more so than when she was a wee little lassie. 

She now has gotten bored and turned the TV and is blasting Brittney Spears music video, my DIL is so proud. Me, not so much. I suggest cartoons and get the eye roll. and "Ugh, gramma, are you kidding, do I look 2?"
Well excuuuuse me!

Finally I said, "we'll meet you at the restaurant" and told MSP to come one. Boy she ran out of the house so fast she about took the paint off the walls with her.

We get in the Jeep and she yells "ROAD TRIP"!!! I'm laughing, girl what do you know about a road trip? she smiles "oh I KNOW about road trips" nodding her head and looking all impish. Lawdy here we go.

I crank it up and before I even get it in reverse, she has taken over the radio dial and is blasting some hip hop stuff and bouncing in the seat next to me. My eye roll time. Oh lawdy help me, I'm getting old. This music has GOT to go.

We are cruising through down toward the river and pass the Sonic. I smiled and a small tear slipped out.

"Gramma what's wrong?" She affectionately touches my arm. "Oh I was just thinking about my Daddy that's all." She says "Granddaddy that's buried over by my house?" Geez umm yes. She shrugs and says "whut?" Nothing honey. "Well, what about Sonic". I said, "oh, he loved their cheese coney, it was one of his favorite things but he liked the foot long version." She starts a giggling fit. "cheese coney What The Heck is that?"
"Okay girl watch your mouth, a cheese coney is a hot dog with cheese."
"Then why is it called a coney?"

"Coney refers to the type of hot dog, frankfurter or wiener, whichever you want to call it." The last part of that sentence could not be heard because once I said wiener, she went totally hysterical. Laughing, slapping her knee and saying "you said wiener!". OMGosh child please. YES a wiener, as in hot dog. Don't be nasty! No need for a history lesson on coney's because she can't hear a thing for laughing so hard. Now I'm laughing and trying to drive.

"Okay giggle box, forget the cheese coney and let's stop at the park and take a walk by the river before we meet everyone for dinner."

Your words are:
music ~ granddaughter ~ road ~ cheese coney ~ cartoons
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Chocolate Espresso Frozen Pie - Chocolate The Ultimate Covering - Dec poetry

Hi and welcome to the last poetry post of 2019! WHAT? In a few short weeks or the blink of an eye it will be twenty twenty. 2020. Not sure how 2019 has gone by so stinking fast but it sure has.
Anywho...back to poetry. This month our theme is "chocolate the ultimate covering" and man oh man is it ever. You can dip fruit, bread, cookies, fingers, bacon, chips, just about anything in chocolate.
So here we go...remember the other links are at the bottom of the post. THANK YOU for stopping by today and each time this past year. It is much appreciated.

Dear Chocolate Lover

My heart goes out to you
my tummy yearns for you
my thighs show your abuse
but oh how I love you

You're sinful, decadent and slick
disguising yourself is a trick
you come in many forms
all of which I adore

White, milk, dark
chips, chunks, bars
liquid, powder and more
Oh how I want you s'more

The doctor said to give you up
is he kidding? HOW
or enjoy you with a glass of milk
so thinking of  purchasing a cow

Oh My Dear Chocolate Lover

now to get a slice of pie
with chocolate, espresso OH MY
And Bailey's? Why yes
Booze it up and pass it around

I'm not a poet and I know it
But what fun it would be
to have a chocolate tree!

Okay y'all. It makes no sense but since when do I ? I'm known for being random and that's probably as random as I'll get today.
Be sure to visit Karen, Diane and Lydia to read 'real' poetry, prose and verse.

But before you go, have a look see at the pie! OH MY! Yes, I did another cold brew and changed it up a tad. The first one you can find HERE

Cold Brew - Chocolate Espresso Frozen Pie
1 package Sugar Free chocolate pudding
3/4 cup concentrated cold brew (you could make your own. This is unsweetened)
1/2 cup Reduced fat Hood Milk * you could use Almond milk for less but I can't
8 oz. container light whipped topping
2 heaping tsp Espresso Powder
a mini bottle or shot of Bailey's Espresso CreamGraham cracker crust

Why add the Bailey's? Well, why not? Because of the alcohol the pie did not freeze as hard which was great and it had less ice crystals. Another benefit. The Bailey's espresso cream...oh my gosh! SOOO yummy, great by itself and I rarely drink alcohol especially by itself. I'm a fruity mixed tropical drink kinda gal.

Mix the cold brew, espresso powder, milk and Bailey's. Add in the pudding. Mix well. Fold in the whipped topping and pour into a pie crust. Freeze for 4 hours or over night. ENJOY!


Monday, December 9, 2019

Sugar Free Orange Cheesecake - Gifts From The Heart BWF

Blog With Friends
Gifts From the Heart, Sharing is caring

I really struggled with this theme and what to do. A recipe? A craft? A list of great gift ideas? Ultimately this is what I came up with.

Gifts from the heart, are just that. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it came from your heart. It could be a craft, a dessert, cookies, a card, scarf, as long as you sent it because you love that person and were thinking of them. It is from the heart.

I'd like to think all mine are from the heart but sometimes circumstances dictate and they are obligations. I don't like feeling obligated. I don't like not knowing a person and feeling trapped into a gift giving situation. For instances at work, everyone is buying gifts. What if I just started? What if it is truly not in my budget to have a "limit of $30" for a gift? These situations bring on guilt, stress and anxiety. There are enough pressures during the holiday without adding to it.

Gift giving, no matter the type, is something that I dearly enjoy. The thrill of the hunt, the anticipation, seeing them open it and the joy that it brings. My heart fills up and creates a feeling that I was given the gift because in a sense I was.

Recently I've been gifting myself, sounds selfish? No, it's not. Let me explain. I have been gifting myself the gift of kindness. Being kind to myself in the respect of no more negative self talk, no longer putting myself down or beating myself up over things from the past. The gift of giving health to myself, eating better, exercising, taking restful moments, enjoying life and my journey. This is the greatest gift I've ever given myself and it has taken a lot of growth and self discovery to get here. I am thankful to WW for this journey, my accountability ladies, I couldn't do it without ya! The encouragement and cheers from people I've never met. It's amazing. A gift from the heart...cheering on others, straightening their crowns instead of putting them down and criticizing. My WW community is inspiring, amazing, encouraging, just absolutely freaking the bomb diggity!! 

And what else have I given myself? The gift of creativity. I started crafting again and oh my gosh I enjoy it so much!! Did you see the snow globes that Minette and I made? How about my front door scarecrow? That's another gift. Gratitude!!

Of course I'm gifting my family this holiday season. Christmas will not be as big this year in terms of packages, but it will be filled with love, joy and lots of laughs!

I have been busy shopping for the grandkids and adult kids but that is way more difficult. Baking cookies, that I'll be sharing soon, decorating for the holidays (which is something I've always enjoyed) and yes crafting. That will also be shared soon.

However, for today, here is one of the latest four pies that has been created in our kitchen. No you didn't read that wrong, I said four. Oh my! It has been a busy time. Creating desserts that my family and friends will enjoy but also that won't break my WW point bank for the day.

This recipe is not mine, so I will give you her link but will tell you the adjustments that I made.
Why am I sharing someone else's recipe? Sharing is caring, a gift from my heart because she is a huge encourager and great ww lady that's why. Thank you Linds.

The Pound Dropper plain Jane cheesecake. Here's the link and below is what I did.

I used NuNaturals Tagaose instead of Monkfruit because it's what I have on hand.
This is not zero points because I used a 9 inch graham cracker crust, so no crust makes it zero points.
I used orange extract in mine, because (not sure how it happened) but I was out of vanilla.
In our oven it took 40 minutes to bake.
Served with sugar free whipped topping.
The beauty of it, no one knew it was sugar free or ww friendly until AFTER they ate it.

My son's girlfriend's daughter told me "this cheesecake is DEEElicious!" she cleaned her plate. Her little brother was eye balling her cheesecake because he ate his so fast, she said "oh no you don't you had yours". LOL

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