Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Turkey Bacon Ranch Cheese Burgers

Do you have favorite flavor combinations? Like jalapeno and cheddar, peanutbutter and jelly, chocolate and everything LOL. I do. I love turkey bacon ranch wraps, subs, and now burgers.
I thought about this one day, why do we make plain burgers and add a ton of stuff to the top? Why not incorporate those things that we love IN the burger.
I'll tell you why, you have to be careful because you can make the burger too wet which causes it to fall apart and create a huge mess and an even bigger mess if you add too much cheese "in" the meat mixture. How do I know? Well, let's just say I've done my fair share of cleaning up burnt on crusty cheese in the bottom of a what I thought was nonstick pan.
I apologize now for the photo. It really is not the best but I will not apologize for the flavor because it is on point. Delicious, moist, packed with flavor, not too dry and they didn't fall apart either. I did not have any buns I discovered after I was in the process of making the burgers so I decided to shape them in an oval and put them on some deli fresh Italian bread slices that I had. The bread is soft but also hearty and I knew it could stand up to a patty being served on it.

I have started using 93% lean ground turkey to cut down on fat and calories but I'll admit it is not as good as a big ol' thick juicy Angus beef burger off the grill. It's just not.

But I have created a few burgers lately that are delicious and satisfying, no they still aren't beef but they do fill a craving for a while. Yes I still eat the good ol' juicy beef burgers but only once in a while and I prepare for them by eating low points that entire day. You may ask why and it's because I refuse to go over points if at all possible. By doing so I have been consistent in losing weight by 1 pound or more each week.

Just a note about ground turkey, not all ground turkey is created equal. You may think that it is all fat free and lean, I found out it is not. A lot of brands are only 80-85% lean unless otherwise stated on the package. So that makes it higher in points/fat/calories.

1 lb 93% lean ground turkey 
1/3 cup diced bacon or real bacon pieces in the bag
1/2 package of dry ranch mix
1 egg beaten
1/3 cup Panko bread crumbs
1 TBSP parsley flakes
Mix all ingredients well in a bowl, shape into patties-whatever size, shape or thickness you desire. I made 6 patties from this mix.
Cook in a nonstick skillet sprayed with a few shots of oil or cook in oil if you're okay with the extra fat/calories/points. I'm cutting them wherever I can.
Once they were done I placed a extra thin slice of baby Swiss cheese.
Served with a salad.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

National Breakfast Day! Combo Breakfast Casserole

Can there be a better day? National Breakfast Day? Well, yeah. Like chocolate day, donut day, fried chicken day...I'll stop. Dang I'm getting hungry. So not to get off track here. I have this great recipe. It uses up leftovers along with a few prepackaged items. No, it's not the healthy fabulous help you lose weight recipe but it is good, filling, comfort food, frugal and not totally horrible on points.
If you're wondering how I knew it was National Breakfast Day, well that's because I was doing research for an upcoming post and saw the date, and knew I had this gem sitting in my drafts, so I decided to go ahead and post it today instead of some random day because, well, it's NATIONAL BREAKFAST DAY!
I had leftovers in the fridge from a breakfast casserole. So instead of using 6-8 eggs, milk, cheese and whatever else, I just cut the casserole up into tiny 1/2 pieces and sprinkled them into this new casserole. BA BAM using leftovers and getting a new dish. Works for me, how about you?
If you're wondering why the cheese is so uneven, well that is because my husband is not a big cheese lover and our son is. So the half I figured JT would eat has more cheese, I'm the middle with a moderate amount and hubby is the other end with just a sprinkle.
Here you can see what I was referring to when I said I cut up the casserole and sprinkled it in. The previous casserole is the little yellow squares. Nice huh?

This is really simple and honestly could be done the night before, placed in the fridge and then just cooked the next morning. I rarely have fridge space so I do stuff on a as needed basis. I dream of having a BIG fridge with a bottom drawer for easier access. Some dream of yachts and weekend get aways, I dream of kitchen gadgets and appliances but don't tell my husband because he might stop buying jewelry and I can't have that. 😆

WRV976FDEM Whirlpool 36" 26 cu. ft. Double Drawer French Door Refrigerator with Dual Cooling System - Monochromatic Stainless Steel 


  • 5-Temperature Option Drawer with Thaw Setting
  • Produce Drawer
  • Small Items Bin
  • MicroEdge® Glo Shelves
  • Triple-Tier Freezer Storage
  • In-Door-Ice® Storage
  • Exterior Ice and Water with EveryDrop™ Water Filter
  • Measured Fill
  • Panoramic LED Lighting
  • Pizza Pocket
  • StoreRight™ System

    Approximate Dimensions (Inches)
    Height: 70 1/8
    Width: 36
    Depth: 35 3/4

  • Okay, sorry, that rabbit chasing gets out of hand sometimes and I have to rein it in but back to the recipe. Where was I? Oh yes, the two casseroles become one with just a few added items.

    Trying to cut down on fat, calories and of course WWFreestyle points (It may not look like it but it's not that bad) I am replacing turkey for beef or pork where I can. Now don't get confused. I'm still eating ham, bacon, pork chops and roast but not as much and I am subbing ground turkey in recipes where you really can't tell because of the other ingredients. My husband doesn't mind if he can't tell. Like chili, spaghetti and other things.

    In this casserole I used the precooked frozen turkey breakfast sausage crumbles. I had a coupon and wanted to give it a try plus I could control the amount used easier. If I cook an entire roll of sausage I'm going to use it, this way I could take out just the right amount.

    The casserole that I used as leftovers can be found HERE on my blog.
    I really like adding the diced up biscuits, that is a trick I found on several other recipes doing the same thing so I'm not sure who started doing it first.

    Here you can see how I cut up the biscuits.
    Combo Breakfast Casserole
    *leftovers from the ham, pepper, onion bake OR
    6-8 eggs beaten, a splash of milk, cooked diced onion, pepper and ham enough to make 2 cups total with the eggs
    *1 can el cheap o buttermilk biscuits, diced up
    *1 package of country white gravy mix, prepare according to package and set aside
    *shredded cheese, 1/3 cup or you can leave it out, totally up to you
    * 1/2 cup precooked frozen turkey sausage crumbles
    Spray your 13x9 casserole dish or rub it with a dab of oil to prevent sticking.
    Cut your biscuits up and your leftovers if using them.
    Prepare the gravy according to the package and set aside.
    Time to assemble. Biscuits in the bottom, crumbles on top, casserole on top or egg mix. IF using the egg mix, bake your biscuits for at least 15 minutes then assemble the rest.
    Bake the biscuits and sausage for 15 minutes at 350°F.
    Take it out and pour the gravy over the casserole, then return to the oven for another 10 minutes.
    Remove and sprinkle with cheese and bake another 5 minutes or until melted.
    Allow this to set up for a few once you remove it. Serve with some fruit, a cup of Joe and enjoy!

    Monday, March 11, 2019

    Fiesta Biscuit Bake and A Winter Thaw BWF

    Packing boxes, wrapping glass
    extra rolls of tape
    Stuff and shovel
    it all must go
    into the Uhaul truck

    Yep you guessed it, I'm moving again. Hey, it's only the 52nd time. No lie. I may have even missed a few times but here we go.

    Today I'm talking about...A Winter Thaw, why you ask, because today's post is a group post for Blog With Friends. We all decide on a theme, each interpret that theme to suit our blog and readership, then post on the same day at the same time. You'll find links and photos to the others at the end of my post.
    Ah yes, a winter's thaw, well I'm thawed out with all this packing and cleaning that is for sure. But another way to thaw out is this delicious, quick and easy meal. I've made it about 4 times and each time I changed just a few things. I swear it gets better and better.

    This dish should thaw you out or at least on the inside.

    Fiesta Biscuit Bake

    1.) 1 can of biscuits, the cheap ones with 10 in the can(Dice each one into 6 pieces)
    2.) 1 lb lean ground beef, cook and drain if needed
    3.) 1 can Bush's southwest style beans, drain
    4.) 1/2 onion diced
    5.) 3 mini sweet bell peppers diced
    6.) 1 cup white sweet corn kernels, drain if it is in a can
    Layer the 6 ingredients in order in a 13 x 9 inch baking dish, be sure to spray it first or it will be a sticky mess.
    Next add the cheese...
    1/2-1 cup shredded Mexican style cheese
    Once it comes out of the oven, top...
    1/2 cup grape tomatoes cut in half, these garnish the top
    You can also add avocado and sour cream if you'd like.
    Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until everything is bubbly. Your oven temp and time may vary depending.