Friday, April 3, 2020

Changing That One - SSS April 2020

Do you have that "one" person in your life that you love dearly, but they do that "one" thing that you wish you could change? Well, that's my subject for today. Thanks Karen... maybe. "Pick any person in your life and tell us about one thing they do that you would change." My question and response to her was, "only one thing?!" with her wonderful response of "that's the challenge."
Well thanks a lot Karen. lol
Honestly the only one person in my life that immediately pops in my mind is my mother. We have a very strained relationship at best. There are a lot of things I'd change but the number one thing is to remove the rose colored glasses and Pollyanna world she lives in within her own mind. More so, that she would actually live in "this" world and not her own reality. That she would also admit and own up to the "real" truth and not her fabricated one.
It is a long sorted story that I do not feel comfortable sharing. So I'm going to leave it there and move on.

How about if we say the person is Lily, our cat, just go with me here will ya. AND the one thing is her tossing her cookies in the middle of my floor! ICK with more times than not it is the middle of the night or early early in the morning. Now I'm up, straining my eyes, trying desperately NOT to step in the yak. Shiver

We can't change people and honestly trying to think of who and what to change caused me great frustration and anxiety so I'm sorry Karen but this is a short post and I'm sure I did not do justice to your prompt.

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 6 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Seven - Photo Challenge

When I saw the challenge for this month my mind went blank. Scratching my head wondering what in the world would I take photos of. How would I interpret this challenge. #photoblogchal
Then along came the coronavirus or COVID-19 and I worried about other things. Then I thought, now where and how will I fulfill this challenge.
Sometimes we need to step aside, look at our surroundings and go with what we have. That is what I've done.
Looking around the garage and shop I found our dart board and as luck would have it, lucky 7!

However the dartborad was the only item in our house with a seven. So I had to be creative. How about what books I've read so far during this (at the time of this writing) 11 days of self quarantine. ( 3/23) I have autoimmune issues and our area was suggesting the #stayhome long before other areas.

Getting desperate. I knew I needed to "create" 7. I know I'm reaching here, but you do what you have to in a crisis. Plus it took my mine off of the current situation for a good hour anyway.
I've taken up crafting again. So how about some paint bottles? I stacked them on the window sill to provide natural light and a more interesting shot.
Lastly, going back down into the office I saw the  bar. You've seen it on a Mosaic Monday post where I shared about the table "repurposing". Well, how about that. Seven glasses.

That's my 5 photos of 7. Not the most exciting but hopefully a fairly decent interpretation.
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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Busy Hands - Crafts - Mosaic Monday

During the 'social isolation' or 'social distancing' this month, I've been working on a past passion that I'm working on reviving. Crafts!

Staying positive, safe and healthy is key. I'm staying home, reading, crafting, deep cleaning, decluttering, exercising and staying positive by choosing faith over fear. There are times that this is easier said than done. In the past I have suffered with severe anxiety, so focusing on positive uplifting activities are key.

How are you doing through all of this?

That's not blood on my thumb, it's paint.

There are actually three different craft projects going on in the above picture and a ton of clothes pins that will soon become other projects. As I finish, I'll post pictures. Nothing major, nothing "incredible" but fun and relaxing activities to occupy the mind and hands. I normally play praise and worship music while crafting. Although at times you'll hear me rocking out to my favorite 70's jam!
 My clothes pin cross, all natural and then painted. I took out the spring and glued it together. Then painted. I really like it. 15 pins per cross.
I did take a drive through the neighborhood, I was going a little stir crazy. It was raining so the photos aren't the best. You can see the trees are in full bloom.
 Also did a little baking. I'm calling these "quarantine muffins" LOL and they were delicious. I need to write up the recipe, this was a "fly by the seat of your pants" throw together. I did input the info into my calorie counter app and they come in at 163 calories each, which isn't  bad and they are loaded with goodness.
And just because it's beautiful scenery and brings peace to my soul, here are a few sunset photos I took back in November when I went home for my uncle's funeral. Coastal NC, nothing like it.

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