Sunday, February 23, 2020

Color Street and more - Mosaic Monday

Welcome to another issue of Mosaic Monday. Angie over at Ten Toes in the Water is the hostess. You post about whatever you want and have at least one mosaic or collage photo in your post, then link up at her party. Pretty simple and cool. I love it.
So today I'm talking about Color Street, mugs and a few of my favorite things.

Hi my name is Dawn and I'm a Color Street addict LOL
See the bottom left photo...and that's not all of them. I know I know but I love it so much. I've been using Color Street for 2 years and recently my friend Sandra, whom I talk about further down, became a color specialist for. I have to help out my friends by purchasing, right? Yes! It is so much cheaper than a salon, no drying time and for me they last 3-4 weeks at a time. Not bad for $12 and I get 2 manis and 2 pedis out of each set. You can NOT go to a salon for that.
Besides Color Street, coffee, my kitties (which you will find lots of post about), G*d, family, friends, squirrels and owls, today I'm sharing a few of my favorite things. Books, I love books, real books not electronic digital ones.
Like coffee mugs! Does anyone else just love mugs? Last year when we moved I went through all of our kitchen stuff and pared it down. Well, fast forward less than a year later and guessed it. The mug collection has grown by leaps and bounds.

Top left is my ultimate favorite and oldest mug. You'll laugh but that's okay. I purchased that mug at the Dollar Tree almost 27 years ago! It has survived over 25 moves. No, that is not a typo.
Top right is a China cup I purchased just before Christmas at Home Goods. I love owls and it was the only one. So I told my husband it could be part of my gifts because I just KNEW it would be gone by the time he went.
The middle and bottom two photos are of the same mug. My Minnie Mouse mug from Disney. My sweet friend Sandra surprised her kids with a trip for Christmas. While she and her family were there she picked up gifts for each of us in our weekly Bible study group. She gave me this cute mug and she didn't know it but the inside color matches everything going on at my house! Perfect!
 One of my WW accountability ladies gave me the 'meow' mug for Christmas. I love it, the little kitty sitting inside reminds me of Miss Lily! The "best cat mom" my middle son gave me for Christmas two years ago, he thought it was hilarious. Sorry if it offends. The BIG mug, with the paw print inside I recently purchased at Aldi, a Christmas clearance item. A big ol' whopping $1.69!! I mean, come on, I had to buy it. Right?
Red trucks. I will blame this one on my Daddy, rest his soul. He was a mechanic and loved trucks. Every vehicle we ever owned, with the except of I think 3, and there were a LOT of cars, they were all red. Yes red. Fire engine red. Daddy loved red and thought that there was no other color for any of our cars. We had a Mercury in the late 70's and it was yellow, Daddy swore that is why it was a crappy car,  because it wasn't red. Trucks. What man doesn't like a truck? Very few but I am my Daddy's child, no matter my age, and I will always have a big space in my heart for red trucks, old vintage, antique, new, hot rods, it doesn't matter, if it's red and makes a loud growl when you step on the gas. I'm in love.

These trucks were at a car show we went to last September, it was hot as July 4th but I walked and sweated, took a TON of pictures and enjoyed myself.
I could go on and on but I'll save some for another post as not to bore you all to tears.
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Cold Temperatures and Warm Kitties - Feb FOTW

My Lily girl, she is a Daddy's girl after living with him for 4 years, she doesn't usually give me to winks unless it involves food, but one afternoon she just popped up on the couch and laid her little head in my lap, boom, she was fast asleep. I guess any lap will do when you need a nap. LOL
It's Fly On The Wall time, one of my favorite post each month. This is the post where you the readers get a glimpse into our lives. At the end of this post you'll find links to the other participants. Be sure to 'buzz' over.

No that's not a pregnant belly, a growth or just's a 17 lb cat who's cold. LOL he's so silly but I love him to pieces. And yes, I have on leggings. Weird I know.
 If you haven't heard of it, WHERE have you been??? Color Street REAL nail polish in a strip. Man I love this stuff and have been using it for 2 years. NO I'm not selling. Just sharing. This is black cherry bon bon and was my hostess gift for December. Finally got around to putting it on.
 Hi my name is Dawn (Hi Dawn) and I'm a Color Street Addict. It started 2 years ago right after the company started. I was introduced and hooked at the very first try. (sigh, awe) (they understand) I truly do need a support group, the current one just keeps saying BUY MORE BUY MORE.
 THIS happened. My fountain froze. SOLID and busted the barrel and broke my terra cotta. I was NOT happy. It stayed frozen for 4 days. THIS is not normal in the South and I am not happy. 😢😢
 So far our winter has been rain, rain and more rain. What do we do on a rainy Saturday? We watch movies, read, play on the laptop/tablet/phone but the kitties? Sleep.
 I drink a lot of water. 120 oz a day to be exact. I have to, doctors orders, for my kidneys plus it helps aid weight loss. I'm down -53 lbs. I am struggling with 3 lbs I keep regaining and losing. I'm sick of them. Like a hooker with a STD, just can't shake it. LOL okay bad reference. But you get the picture. So anyway, I had a favorite tumbler that I drank water out of. I was going into the kitchen to refill it and bam...tripped over a kitty. Shocking right? AND it broke. I was less than pleased. I ordered a Pioneer Woman mason jar, 32 oz, blue with the lid and straw. Beautiful. But man. Fill that baby up with water and it's heavy.
So I searched high and low. Seriously, in the summer these things are a dime a dozen, in winter, nope. Next to impossible to find one.
BUT I found my new favorite on Amazon. Isn't she lovely? 22 oz, tall, slim and trim.
 On cold mornings, what do we do? We lay in bed. Why? Because I'm trapped!! 32 lbs of black purring mass of fur trapped! Don't they look comfy? Would you disturb them to get up? I can't. Unless my eye balls are floating, then they have got to move and move quickly or this wonderful foam mattress will become a soaking sponge.

On the 6th my Uncle George aka my Daddy's life long best friend passed away. I had known him my entire life. I felt like he was the last link to my Daddy so his passing hit me really hard. I drove 9 hours to be at his celebration of life and pay my respects to his wife, daughter and grandkids. During my visit I also was able to visit several of my grand kids. So it wasn't all bad. I'll post pictures later. I have to get the okay from the moms. But you can see pictures of the fur grands HERE.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Play Ball!! Can of Corn Challenge

I'm always up for a challenge so when PJ over at A ' lil HooHaa wrote about his new challenge I was intrigued. It's called the "Can of Corn Challenge" now what does it have to do with cans or corn I haven't figured out, I'm guessing it has something to do with baseball because he's such a huge fan but I have no clue, so forgive me. Here is the LINK where he explains it, I'm still confused. LOL

Months and themes:
  • February: Play Ball
  • March: Spring Training
  • April: Yer out!
  • May: On paper
  • June: The Big Screen
  • July: Hey, nerd
  • August: Popped up
  • September: 4-6-3
  • October: Fall classic
So here goes... PLAY BALL!!!

As an only child the only ball I played was basketball. I could shoot hoops even if I was alone or if by some strange chance we had company other than my cousins. Sports at my house consisted of wrestling or as we say in the South wrasling. NASCAR of course and Saturday nights at the drag strip. My daddy was not a sports fan, he worked long hard hours seven days a week and didn't have time for sports.

Over the years I've become a fan of different sports, as a spectator that is. Ice skating, gymnastics, X-Games, MMA, boxing, wrestling, racing, Monster trucks, demolition derby, hockey, billiards, bowling and darts. At one time I took up rock climbing and bowling.

When I had children, all boys, I thought, well now is the time to be introduced to sports. Nope. I enjoy basketball and football but found I enjoyed hockey as well. Baseball, sorry PJ, well that did nothing for me. I found it boring. The boys were into basketball and soccer when it came to watching sports but being active was soccer, Frisbee golf, bowling, rock climbing, skate boarding and volleyball. Go figure.

Many years ago I dated a semi-pro golfer. He tried, bless him, to teach me but I didn't really warm up to the whole walking forever to hit a tiny ball towards a hole that I couldn't see plus water and sand traps. I did find that I enjoyed the driving range. Just whack that ball as hard as possible and done. THAT I enjoyed.

Once when my boys were tweens we attended a semi pro baseball game. The Durham Bulls were playing and we attended. Holy slow mo Batman the most boring thing I ever did, it was like watching paint dry.
When the umpire yelled PLAY BALL, I thought all right let's go! Nope, strike one, strike two, strike three, you're out. Over and over again. I stood up and yelled "LET'EM HIT THE BALL" the crowd of course that that was funny and if it were today, I'm sure the moment would have wound up on YouTube somewhere.

Fast forward to grand-kids. My oldest grand daughter loved, I mean LOVED softball. She was on an all star team and traveled all over the state. She was amazing! I still thought the game was boring but I'd sit there and cheer for her team, when my SIL told me to. LOL I still have no clue about the rules exactly. I mean, I get it. The pitcher pitches the ball, you swing the bat, if it makes contact you run like your ass is on fire for first base. Then it continues but rarely and I mean rarely have I been excited about the game.

Professional, college, high school, little league, whatever it is, I'm not a fan of baseball plus I'm an even lesser fan of crowds So being packed into a stadium with tens of thousands of folks, makes me feel like a sitting duck.

How about you? Do you enjoy baseball? Did you play when you were younger? How about your kids?

I think sports are a good idea for kids, keep them active, teach them about working as a team and not being the center of attention but I do not like the participation trophies. I mean come on. They didn't earn those. All they had to do was show up  and I don't feel it does any justice to the idea of team work, winning vs losing, and having good sportsmans like manners either.

So, there ya go. Let's PLAY BALL!! with the next challenge and see how it goes.
Dawn ~