Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Chicken Pot Pie Soup - Word Count Feb 2020

We love pot pies, but they are not waist friendly. I decided to make a pot pie soup instead. All the luscious ingredients, but thinner, and with a light biscuit to go with it. Plus this is a lot less work. Toss all the ingredients into a slow cooker and later that day you eat. Ba Bam!

Word Counters - 67
Do you know where pot pies originated? I wasn't aware but from what I found online, the first one was found in Greece. Of course, nothing like the frozen pot pies of today. The first ones found in the US were in the 19th Century. A meat pie filled beef, chicken, turkey, venison and vegetables topped with a flaky pie crust and baked to a golden perfect. 

Yeah, I love a nice flaky crust. However today I'm sharing it in a soup format. We love soup and if I can toss it all in the slow cooker for later then I love it even more. Plus it makes the house smell homey on a cold or rainy day. You could use fresh vegetables, canned watch out for the sodium content. I like frozen best.

International pot pies: In Pennsylvania, in the Dutch region, they call it Bot Boi. This would be from the German descendants. In Australia and New Zealand, they have hand sized minced meat, onion, mushrooms and gravy pies. They are referring to tomato sauce aka gravy. In 1994, a Southern Australia bakery opened up selling their meat pies not far from me in Marietta Georgia. Didn't know this.

In England they eat "rabbit pie"...I'm not sure I want rabbit pie. Being from the South and in the country, yes, I've eaten rabbit. However, it's not my meat of choice. Typically it has onions, celery and carrots but can also be found with prunes, bacon and cider. Sorry if you're English. Australia's version of rabbit pie also includes Vegemite paste. Again, not sure I even want to smell it.

Rabbit pie was a staple for the pioneers after arriving in the New World aka America. But they did not have the luxuries we currently possess. But there are times I look back at my life and history and wonder if all these luxuries are part of the problem with the world today. But I'll stay on the subject of pot pies. In France it's deer innards.

Okay, that last part was eww. But yes, they called it 'eating umble pie' or humble, nomble, which was the innards of deer. This was the poor man's food. I think I'd stick with a can of beans or a cup of broth myself. I've heard if you're hungry enough you'll eat anything. I'd prefer not to find out. Now how about, an education on pot pies.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup
3 cups of shredded chicken (use a rotisserie chicken or precook your chicken which is what I do. I cook 3-5 lbs of chicken breast at a time in the slow cooker, shred and then separate to use in recipes later)
2 cans of low fat low sodium cream of chicken soup
2 cans water
1 bag frozen mixed veggies
1/4 cup diced onion
1 large stem/stalk of celery diced
1 tsp paprika
fresh cracked pepper
1 tsp oregano
Slow cooker on high for 4 hours, reduced to warm and served with biscuits.

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Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Grands... Mosaic Monday

Last week I had to take a trip, it was totally unexpected but necessary.

See, my Daddy's best friend passed away and as funerals are no fun, this was one I really could not miss. You see, George has been in my life, well, my entire life. I can't remember a time when he wasn't there. He and Daddy worked together, fished, drank and played hard together. As an only child and a Daddy's girl, I was with the two of them A LOT. Oh the stories I could tell, but some aren't safe as it would incriminate all of us. LOL
Years ago when my Daddy first became ill, George had a hard time visiting him and seeing his decline. We had a heart to heart conversation and I told him, if it were you, he'd visit. They didn't see each other often due to health issues but remained good friends.
Daddy passed almost 8 years ago and shortly after, two years, George became ill. He also started dialysis and lost his left foot. So his passing wasn't totally unexpected but the timing of it was.
I'm sure they are cutting up, fishing and telling stories of "the good ol' days" while walking the streets of gold and worshiping our savior. I know one day I'll see them again so it is a little easier but I miss them just the same.

So on to my mosaics. The grands...pups and kitties. I stayed with my DIL, oldest son's wife, while in town and the grand fur babies. Lawdy what a rowdy crew but precious just the same.
Top Left : Hulk
Top Right: Athena
Bottom Left: Simba
Bottom Right: Story
 Simba...my grand daughter's cat whom I was told is never shy but avoided me the first day.
 Hulk and grandma (me) spending time together. It's funny because I've been around Athena the most but Hulk and I quickly became buddies as you can tell.

I think she must feed them miracle grow or steroids because they are so big! Kidding! They are healthy but big. 
During my visit I was able to see family and old friends. The best part was seeing grandkids and my first great gran!! At 3 weeks of age, he's a doll but no pictures to post at request of my grand daughter. I respect that. But take my word for it, he is adorable!!
I visited my daughter, her family, my oldest grand daughter and her family plus new baby. Along with seeing 5 grands total.
At the celebration of life I visited with some of my dad's old buddies and laughed, told stories and felt at peace in my heart.
So the trip wasn't one I wanted to take but I'm so glad I did.

More pictures later of my home town and beautiful ocean sunsets.
Have a blessed day!

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Middle Aged Slump - Feb UYW

Jeff stepped out of the shower and groaned. What was he thinking when he renovated this bathroom?! Geez man, look at you. He sighed. The man in the mirror was definitely not who he had been then years ago.
The divorce really did him in. But it was his own fault. Let cheated, he left, he divorced the love of his life. Char had been his everything but as they say, midlife crisis hit and he lost his damn mind.
Now here he was, nice house, convertible, money, great job, but he was lonely. He missed being married and he missed the body he had ten years ago.
He stood looking at his reflection in the mirror. Where were the abs he had worked hours on? Oh yeah, covered up with his beer belly now. Beer, late nights, chips, wings, you name it. He had indulged in it. Women, fast cars, gambling…what a mess he was. He knew why, he was running, running from the mess he had made of his life and hers.
Char on the other hand. Wow, he saw her at the mall a few days back. Damn he was filled with regret, but he had never told her. Not that it would change anything, but he owed her that.
Drying off and getting dressed, he had some pep in his step. Yes, he was going to call her, she might hang up, but he had to try. Hitting the switch to the lights in his walk-in closet, he glanced around, filled with suits, designer shirts, dozen and dozens of pairs of shoes. F*** when did he turn into “that” guy?
He desperately needed to pull his head out of his ass. He was making changes today, as soon as he ate breakfast.
Okay Jeff, you can do this, he said out loud to himself. Deep breath and dial. Ring, ring, ring, “hello”
Oh $h!t she answered now what…oh yeah speak you idiot.
“Um uh, Char, hey, um yeah, it’s Jeff.” He stammered like a schoolboy.
“I’m aware of who it is, I have caller ID. What do you want because you never call unless it is to your advantage?” Ugh what was wrong with her, why did she say that. She had forgiven him or so she thought, then why be bitchy? 
“I apologize that was not necessary, I haven’t had my coffee. Hey Jeff, what’s up?” not much better but it would have to do.
“hey I deserve anything you have to say and more. I was wondering, (pause)IF you would, I’d like to take you to lunch. There are some things that are long overdue that need to be said and I’d like to do them in person if you’d allow. Maybe today at 2, I know it’s short notice and you prefer to schedule things out, but I’d appreciate it if you’d consider it. Not that you owe me anything and I totally get that, but anyway I’m rambling like a fool, would you allow me to take you to lunch?”
Oh wow, not what she expected at all, she felt sick and excited at the same time. Oh crap why the hell am I excited?!?! After all he did? Damn it. I swear I was over him, moved on and now he calls and I’m not. Okay let’s get this over with.
 She took a deep breath, “okay but I’ll meet you there. Two is fine, how about Annabelle’s is that okay with you?”
What? She agreed! Holy mother of…. “yeah yeah that’s great, um, thank you? I’ll see you at two then. And thank you Char.”
“Sure Jeff. Two” and she hung up.
Char arrived early that way she could sit and watch him come in, observe his attitude first and not have it the other way around.
She was enjoying her mango lemonade when he walked it. Brad greeted him and brought him to the table. “hey sweetie, your guest has arrived” he smiled and motioned for Jeff to take a seat. “thanks”.
“Thank you Brad, Jeff, would you like a drink while he’s here?”
“um yes, water with lime and lemon please.”
Looked puzzled Char said, “that’s it? No martini?”
“No, I’m cutting back.”
Brad nodded and said, “okay Lynn, I’ll be back in a jiff.”
Lynn? Who the hell was Lynn? Jeff was looking at her like she had lost her mind, she laughed, “in case you forgot, Lynn is my middle name.”
Duh! That’s right but he had never heard anyone refer to her as Lynn. “So why the moniker? Alias Lynn now are we?” damn that sounded awful and he wished he could take it back, he saw her shrink back. “um damn it, I’m sorry, I’m an ass I know. I’ll shoot straight, I’m nervous and well we both know I don’t handle feelings well.”
She shrugged it off. She knew he could be an ass and she could tell he was nervous, what was he going to say, he has cancer or worse, a STD and oh yeah, I’ve had it for years you need to be tested? Oh God, her worst nightmare. She took a deep breath and said, “okay Jeff, spill it, what’s going on?”
He was a little taken back by her forthright question, but she did have every right, he asked her here, he was wasting her time. His drink arrived, he took a long drink and said…
“Char or Lynn, now I’m confused, I’m sorry. I was a jerk, an ass, a cheating SOB and you deserved better, you still do. I have no right to ask, but would you forgive me. I ruined everything we had, our life, our home, our future, left you high and dry to figure it all out for yourself while I had a grand ol’ time. I don’t know, I have no answers, no excuses but am filled everyday with a ton of regrets. Can you? Will you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?”
There, he said it, it was out and uh oh, what was going on? She looked scared, then shocked, now, he didn’t know what now. Abruptly she got up and bolted for the ladies’ room. Oh, shit what had he done?

Char was shaking, she couldn’t control it, her breathing was erratic, oh no, not now, after all these months and no problems, the anxiety/panic attack was hitting and it was hitting hard.  Breathe, breathe she told herself, in and out. Look at the floor, you’re in the ladies room, take a breath, smell that? I’m in Annabelle’s. Oh no, someone could walk in any second now. No no, don’t panic. Breathe. Okay, sit, I need to sit. She walked in a stall and sat. Head between her knees and the tears began to flow and that’s how Sara found her, sobbing.
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