Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Cold Brew Macaroon Pie

If you know me then you know several things:
I love owls, coffee, squirrels, kitties, iced coffee, cooking, photography, coffee and oh yes coffee.
I also love trying to find new ways to use my favorite flavors, like coffee.
Recently I purchased some espresso powder, not quite sure what I was going to do with it but I was thinking about trying to create a low calorie tiramisu. Well, my husband got impatient in me opening the powder and started adding it to his morning coffee.
Thinking I better hurry up with some type of dessert before the powder was gone, quickly ditching the tiramisu idea and preparing a no bake freezer pie. Which is a perfect end of the day treat with a hot cup o'joe.
Before it went into the freezer.
The ingredients I used.
Cold Brew Macaroon Pie
1 package Sugar Free vanilla pudding
3/4 cup concentrated cold brew (you could make your own. This is unsweetened)
1/2 cup Reduced fat Hood Milk * you could use Almond milk for less but I can't
8 oz. container light whipped topping
1-2 tsp SF Skinny Syrup - Chocolate Coconut Macaroon (use whatever flavor you like)
1 heaping tsp Espresso Powder
Graham cracker crust

This makes 8 slices for 6 points per slice if you follow the WW Freestyle plan.

In a large bowl whisk the pudding, milk, espresso, syrup and coffee. Allow it to sit a good 3-5 minutes and thicken a bit. Gently fold in the whipped topping and pour into a crust. Spread and pop into the freezer for about 6 hours.
I put mine in for 3 hours, sliced and returned to the freezer. This makes serving easier when time to enjoy it and it cuts easier and thaws a little quicker as well.
Top each slice with a squirt of SF FF whipped topping and a dusting of espresso powder.
Sliced before it was set...we couldn't wait.
Good and set...oh my gosh!! A squirt of Fat Free Sugar Free Whipped topping and a dusting of espresso powder for a little extra kick!! OMGosh y'all seriously you're gonna want this. 
My guys told me this should be in the freezer EVERY day. Oh yeah they loved it.
After the pie was gone...a few days, I decided to reduce the points and make it even more WW friendly. I ditched the crust. Whipping up the filling and placing it into small 1/2 cup serving containers and crushing just 1 square of graham cracker on top. It is great out of the fridge but I do prefer it in the freezer a few hours so it is firmer.
You could vary this with different flavors, which I've already done. I'll share those later. 

Friday, October 18, 2019

Things that make you go hmmm...Oct 2019 FOTW

Welcome to the October issue of Fly On The Wall. A post that gives you a peek into my home and life. I am joined by several other bloggers and you'll find their links at the bottom of this post.
Thanks for stopping by! Let me know you were here and now grab a comfy chair, a cup o'joe and make sure you went to the loo first cause we don't need any accidents.
I try my darnedest to use the Wal-Mart grocery app and totally avoid going into the store. I try. So, I'm working on my order and did a search. I was looking at protein powder and there in the list was...a pair of fuzzy lined imitation Crocs?! Say what? So I clicked on it out of curiosity. Yep, 3 oz milk berry vanilla? and 97 cent is a deal. I added it to my cart JUST BECAUSE I want to see what I get! I'll let ya know. LOL AND I took this screen shot so when they give me some crazy substitution or tell me it was the wrong item I can show them this.
Now I do have to say that I have been VERY pleased with the whole process. Because, well I don't have to go in! YAY

 I'm on my way out of the house headed to Aldi. I look over and my neighbor's teenage daughter is just standing there. Poor thing, looking very confused. Try as I might I'm not sure what's wrong. THEN I see it! HOW she did it, I have no idea, they have a very narrow drive and she tried to turn around but got herself stuck on the wall (drivers side) and off the pavement into the ivy on back (passenger side) of the car. As I pulled out she was just standing there.
Should I have offered help? Should I have stayed to see IF she could figure it out?
By the time I returned, the car was gone. So someone resolved the problem.
The red lines show where the drive is.
After dropping Jesse off at work I'm headed back to the interstate and there's a truck beside me hauling a trailer. It's loaded with motorcycles, the one on the end...well it's missing a crucial part. The front tire! obviously it had been in an accident. but it caught me as funny that the others were all in tack but this one. I bet you could get it for a real deal.
Beau fully believes that he is the king and can sit anywhere he wants any time he wants. Here's the proof. Sitting on hubby's desk...you have no idea how difficult it is to work with this 17 lb cat nudging his way between you and the keyboard. But I wouldn't change it.
 My newest cup! OMG I love it so much it's ridiculous. You can also read about it on my BOO! BWF post HERE.
 Driving home after dropping our son at work and I see this! A tanker truck full of COFFEE!! YES I am following him to where the heck ever he is driving.
Okay, it is an advertisement, not a tanker of coffee, I know, but a girl can dream can't she?

I was reading on Instagram and one of the WW ladies I follow posted.
 “Loving SF Chinatown”
My first thought was... sugar free?
Oh no wait she’s visiting California. San Francisco Chinatown

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

French Onion Grilled Chicken with WW points - Word Count

I've seen several people on connect, my WW app, and on Instagram posting French onion chicken. It looked good but bland. So you know me. I had to try and spice it up, make it my own.  Viola! Mission accomplished. Believe it or not I was able to keep it point friendly as well.
Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: contributing bloggers each picked a number between 12 and 74. The submitted numbers were then assigned to other bloggers challenged with writing at least one piece using that exact number of words.
So I will attempt my number with each paragraph here.
At the end you’ll find links to the other blogs featuring this challenge. Check them all out, see what numbers they got and how they used them. Remember each person gets a different number and it is chosen by Karen randomly. Not sure if she rolls a dice or uses a computer program.
Your number is:

Spices for the chicken
Smoked paprika
fresh cracked black pepper
garlic powder
sprinkle of sea salt
Place on the grill while you cook the onions and gravy. It all comes together quickly.
When it was all ready I did use a fat free cheese sprinkled on top, leave that off if you want.
When I received the email from Karen I said to myself, 53??!! 53 is a lot! I can say a lot mind you, I'm chatty when I want to be and can ramble on and on for hours but when it comes to writing these post it seems easier to use fewer words.
Let's see if I can walk you through this recipe in 53 words...

Season and grill the chicken tenders
Dry saute the onions in a non stick pan
Add the dry onion soup mix and water to the onions
Allow to thicken
In a baking dish, place your grilled chicken
pour the onion gravy on top
Sprinkle with cheese
Serve with your preferred side.
Viola Done!
Thank you Rena for the number of 53 which by the way is how old I am. Yikes not sure how that happened. I swear last time I looked I was forty something and then fifty snuck in and it's all been a blur since oh I'm not sure, since forty five maybe.
If you follow the WW Freestyle plan like I do, you'll be pleased to know that this plate is only 5 points. Yes you read that correctly. Five points. Which is a great low point meal for dinner and it gives you that comfort food feeling. Which we all crave. That's a win!

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