About Me

 I originally started this blog because so many friends were asking me for my recipes and making suggestions that I write a cookbook. In June of (2012) we became empty nesters and I suddenly had all this time on my hands, I decided to bite the bullet.

You see I have always loved to cook and take pictures. My friends will tell you, I love to cook and they love to eat. Also, ask my husband, he can testify to the thousands of photos I have that are waiting to be placed in scrapbooks.

So cooking, taking photos, posting them on Facebook and, you know, one thing led to another and here we are.

Now for a few things about me:
  • moved over 39 times
  • mom to 3 adult sons
  • grandma to 1 little girl Little Miss Sassy Pants (4) and a 6 month old little boy
  • numerous young adults call me MamaDawn
  • 3 kitties/my fur babies
  • Air Force Mom
  • NC native
  • UNC Tarheel fan(I bleed Carolina blue)
  • favorite color purple
  • homeschooled my boys (all graduated)
  • all my boys have been to college
  • ran a homeschool support group
In 2014 I made the decision to become a "clean" eater. I had already made a lot of these changes, but am decidedly clean 80-90% of the time. That means NO processed foods, no fried foods, no sugar, no white products :flour, sugar, potatoes, rice. I am eating clean, fresh , healthy vegetables, lean mean and fruits, with some whole grains occasionally. You can follow me on instagram to keep up with my progress or on twitter and FB. I will also update with my recipes as I go along.
I'm sad to say that when I started I needed to loose over 100 lbs. There, it is in print.
As of the end of Jan. 2014 I am down a total of 21 lbs since November 2013.
July 2014 I've hit a wall, down 54 lbs and over 60 inches so far.
Recent publications: 
online magazine contributor
SITS Featured blogger

Thanks for visiting and as always