Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shortbread Kiwi Cups

Last week I had bought some cookies and they were okay but I felt they would be better if used in a dessert. I had not been to the store and didn't feel like going, however, I wanted a dessert for that night. Plus I have spoiled my husband with dessert and he has come to expect it. It would be no big deal if there was none but he would be disappointed.

Searching through my cabinets I found a few items and thought, what the heck, let's throw them together and see what we get.

Well, the result was a two thumbs up from my husband. So that means it's a keeper and blog worthy.

Not something I normally do, a dessert made from pre-made items. So if you like the quick and easy, are not a baker but like dessert, this may be just the trick for you.

Shortbread Kiwi Cups

2 pudding cups, cupcake flavor (new item)
2 Almond Shortbread cookies

I placed a TBSP of the pudding into a cup, placed a cookie on top, the remaining pudding on the cookie and a slice of kiwi to top it off. Into the fridge they went until after dinner, easy peasy. Dessert for two.