Friday, February 17, 2017


YAY we survived Valentine's Day!! Hope you had a great one. I worked of course and took W to the doctor. I didn't expect anything and was sure nothing would happen but much to my surprise when I arrived home I found a beautiful vase of red roses, a card, chocolate covered strawberries AND supper was in the oven. Too boot my kitchen was NOT a mess! Hallelujah best part!! It was a very nice surprise.
 I bought him a lighted sign, his two favorite things, Raiders and Bud. When I saw this I KNEW I had to buy it. Oh and a Raider neck pillow.
 The morning after Valentine's I receive this text from dispatch. I was laughing so hard! Got to love auto correct!! Sorry Jenn, had to share!
This is not my photo and if I knew the original author I would give them credit as I think this is genius! When I first saw it I thought WHY would you put an egg on a sheet, then I saw the ears and was like OMGosh it's a cat! LOL Genius!
Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 9 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. 

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Poor LMSP was give out but you will NOT bother her with big bro looking on. Hulk is such a good dog and he loves his little human. I don't care what anyone says, Pit Bulls get a bad rap. He is pit and lab mix. A big love bug.
I took my mom for her first professional manicure. She loved it. Here was the result. She kept saying she really really enjoyed it and wants to go again. It was cute. The lady doing our nails asked me if this was my mom. I said yes and she's never had a manicure. She looked shocked and said "NO? Never??" I said no. She said "how old is your mom?" I said "71" said looked shocked again. "WHAT 71! She look good!" LOL yes she does.
I stopped by my aunt's house for a little while a few Saturday's ago. When I went to leave, walking by the van I stopped. WHAT THE HECK?? There was a fish, yes a fish on the hood?! I sent my mom a text, as she was inside. I said "There's a fish on the hood of the van" I laughed and told my son, mom will be outside before we drive away." We walked to the car, got in and yep, there she was. She walked over, looked at the van and went back inside.
Later she sends me a text.
"I told your Aunt about the fish. she came outside and we found two beside the van. Then two more on the sidewalk, we followed the fish and wound up finding over 20 in the yard."
I said ??? where did they come from?
She replied "no idea but we picked them all up"
She lives about 3-4 miles from the river and does not fish. Very strange. We never did find out why or where they came from.
I took W to the dr and the nurse said:
"Can you verify your date of birth?"
To which he replies "yes"
The nurse smiles and says "when is it"
He says " January 18th"
She says "what year?"
He smiles..."every year"
Me...rolling my eyes
Nurse...politely smiles and says "okay, what year were you born?"
W says "oh, (laughs) 1962"

My daughter, her husband and a friend came to visit. We had the perfect weather, Spring weather in Feb. it was 74 on the Saturday they were here and 85 on Sunday. 85!! We had such a good time.
While walking down the side walk Stephanie had stopped to look in a window and all of a sudden she jumped back and screamed. There was a HUGE white dog in the window. He had run up while she was looking.
We all laughed so hard. The owner of the shop came out and said: I got it all on camera! Too bad I don't sell pants because I think you just wet yours!"
OMGosh we all laughed so hard.

Written on FB...
Why do you google stuff when Jesus has all the answers?
Guy comments, because I don't want to ask Jesus where to find midget porn.
OMGosh W was laughing so hard.  I said, well Jesus would NOT show him and he already knows what the doofus is looking for.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Breakfast Stackers and UYW

Each month we, those participating in the  challenge, are given 5-6 words or phrases to use in a story, poem or verse of our choice. Sometimes these words are easy to work with and flow with something that has recently happened. Other times they are a real challenge, have nothing in common and seriously tax our brains. After this new frugal recipe you will find my words and how I used them, then you find links to the other bloggers. Be sure to check them out, we have a wonderful group of bloggers who are very talented and whom I am honored to call friends. Even if I do stand in the shadows of their talent.

Breakfast Stackers
This recipe was created one Sunday morning when I was very hungry and very limited on breakfast items. Not wanting to go to the store and then cook, I decided to be frugal and use what I had on hand. The result was a delicious dish. Check it out:

4 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup leftover ground beef with taco seasoning
1/2 bag of seasoned frozen waffle fries
1/3 cup finely shredded Italian cheese mix
1/3 cup bulk pork sausage
1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
Bake the fries and set aside. Heat up the beef and sausage, stir in the beaten eggs and cheese. Cook until done. Now stir in the cheddar.
Place the fries on a plate, top with egg/meat mix and sprinkle with remaining cheese. 
Your words are:
tablecloth ~ chili ~ Superbowl ~ half-time show ~ football ~ boycott
They were submitted by:        

During football season there was a player who continued to sit down during the National Anthem. Many dedicated football players talked about a boycott of the NFL if the powers that be did not require him to stand.
In a form of boycott or taking a stand for her disapproval of the president, Lady Gaga performed for the half-time show at Superbowl 51. It was rumored she would say "F you" to the president and/or flip him off. I am happy to say she did neither. I do believe she made her voice known but she did it in a peaceful way. she expressed herself, show cased her talent and gave a great performance.
During the game I had company over but no tablecloth covered my table, as I have no table. So food was set out on the counter in a buffet style. No chili either, but hot wings, pizza, sausage balls, chicken tenders, a veggie tray, chips and dip. Nothing fancy but filling.
My team did not make it to the Superbowl but they did make the playoffs. So as for the SB I had no investment. I did however root for the Falcons as I will NOT cheer for the Patriots. No way no how. #RaiderNationBaby
Peace out
Check them all out, see what words they got and how they used them. 
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Truffles : Friends and Family How I love ya - Poetry

This month we tossed out several themes for our poetry and tried to stay away from the spouse, lover, typical Valentine's Day stuff.
We all have family, we all have friends and I guarantee you, we all have ones we love.
For me, being a foodie, food is a big part of how I say I love you. I had planned on making truffles for this post but life has been crazy busy and I ran out of time.
BUT I have made Truffles before, so you can check these out:
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Friends and Family, How I love ya
Friends can be family
Family can be friends
if you are blessed to have both
you are blessed indeed
February is a month about love
but love should happen everyday

What is love? A feeling? An emotion?
An affair of the heart?

Love is an unselfish, all giving
time, emotion and help.
A hug, a kiss
a shoulder to cry on
someone to laugh with
someone to confide in
act crazy with
be confident in.

I am blessed to have many friends
who are closer than family
that I love dearly and can count on.

No this really isn't a poem, but I was at a loss. So be sure to follow the other links and read some Real poetry.